Why is upgrade to AIPRM not showing up?

I have both ChatGPT plus … and now upgraded to AIPRM with an annual subscription. I have reinstalled the AIPRM extension and enabled access as outlined.

HOWEVER → the AIPRM upgrade is NOT showing … it looks the same as it did before and continues to ask me to upgrade.

Thanking you in advance for your assistance.

Got it :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:


hey @Stacey_Stockman welcome!

I just saw this and wondered if you need any more help.

Or maybe could explain (also for others) what the issue was, so we can improve docs or messaging in the app?

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Hi Christopher :slight_smile: Thank you but I believe I figured it out.

For documentation purposes, here’s what I didn’t understand:

  1. The top tab that has the *AIPRM access I just didn’t realize I was only a “plus” not a “pro” member and therefore did not have access :frowning:

  2. Also when packages are outlined and it says “Hide 8 Prompt Templates” … which I thought was a way to get all those things off my screen so I had a bigger writing area … so again I thought well maybe I was not upgraded … what a goof just click the other tabs …lol

It’s been a crazy week … so my head was just not there yet

Many thanks for all that you do! Enjoy a blessed day :slight_smile: