Why upgrade? Whats in it for me?

As a relative Newby, I am beginning to see how tools like AIPRM can empower users to use chatgpt more effectively and have made some use of the feaures in the Plus Plan, however, I am at a loss to understand what would be the benefits of upgrading to the Pro (and even the Elite) plan? I know, you might say “read the instructions” however, that is not how I learn, however, I just do not have an inkling as to what

  • Power Continue + 3 Custom
  • Tone & Writing Style + 3 Custom
  • Hide 16 Prompt Templates
  • 3 Custom Lists (up to 16 prompts each)
  • 5 Total Private Lists
  • 2 Public Prompts Upcoming

are and why I should need them?
Please advise.

If you don’t see the benefits almost instantly then keep using the free plan. You’ll know, without anyone telling you, when you need more quotas, or other features.


You can compare between plans.
Search in forum, for the additional features you get in higher plans, not just the quota.

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