Will ChatGPT create non-plagiarised content?

Can it help me write a plagiarism-free article for my Indoor Plants website?

Yes and no. Everything that ChatGPT ‘knows’ is based on what it has been fed as training data. Everything it outputs is therefore just a synthesis of what has already been written, published, and read before. It has no way to ‘experience’ anything, no way to learn anything that wasn’t written already, which is why there are some calls (and legal cases) already into whether AI is by nature a copyright infringement.

It can output text that will pass plagiarism detectors by cleverly rewriting the written sources it was trained on. Where it combines many sources into its ‘knowledge’, that’s not plagiarism in the legal sense anyway. But it’s output is always derivative, based 100% on the data it was trained on, and what is included in the prompt.

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Newton said: “I’m just standing on the shoulders of giants.” Why do we think it’s a kind of plagiarism when Ai said: “I’m just standing on the shoulders of all mankind?” I think it’s a bit unfair in a way.

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I would like to know how do I create a prompt where I can rewrite non-plagiarism paragraphs and I can go beyond 250 characters

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