Win 1 Year AIPRM Pro by solving this weird UX problem

AIPRM is giving away 1 year of AIPRM Pro worth $220+taxes to the first person
that manages to solve this UX problem that some of our users encountered.

The full description is in the video.

The solution must be shown in a video as well, without any kind of JS/HTML/etc tampering, of course.

The solution must show

1/ how to replicate the problem - i.e. create the problem ourselves
2/ how to fix it (avoid changing of the email with Stripe Customer, as designed)

We are suspecting some country-specific behavior of Stripe’s sign up forms, but could be wrong.

The solution must be posted here and ONLY here, the forum timestamp counts

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i have the solution and unintentionally it happened to me.
the problem is the registration date and the ip.
the robot monitors the inflow of logins, compares the registration emails and makes a comparison with previous accesses.
i do not recommend using a vpn.
sorry i couldn’t get a video.
but simply, if you want to change your email and you already have a subscription, verify that in your lan network you don’t have other clients using the same services in the last 24 hours. and another important thing.
the new email has location information, it is recommended that it has the same location information preferably.
i changed my email using a VPN and it did not work, i had a paid account.
I had problems and could not log in for 24 hours.
But within the same IP range, without VPN I tried again and it worked.
I recommend that you check your LAN to make sure that there are not too many devices connected to similar networks.
You can do a tracert from windows or a line scan, from any site that does online analysis of your real ip. it will give you your IP with which you are going out to the internet and the devices connected.
Finally, when you make that change, don’t take the focus off the browser until you finish the process. in other words, the JS will detect if you are changing applications. i still don’t understand it well, but that data is stored in a variable and i think it influences the result.


Thank you, but If you cannot reproduce it, it’s neither sure your exaplanation is true, nor helpful for us, sorry.

Also your talk about LAN/VPN doesn’t seem to apply for our web app.

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Not sure this will help, but from previous experience with mail extensions that send mail to unix smtp servers, I did find that some confuse the command “Mail From” with the command “From” in the SMTP protocol.
The From command is required in SMTP, but is often left off.

On SysV (solaris, Sun, IBM, etc) it doesn’t matter as they just warn about it, but on HP UX they deny emails and then put a line in a mail server log…
HP UX admins tends to remove these warnings from logs using cron and sed to keep the log sizes down so they aren’t seen.

Have you tried capturing what is sent to port 25 on the SMTP servers?
Is there a Mail From command but not a From command?
Are the users being blocked all on UX mail servers and the users getting thru using SysV mailservers?

Not sure it will help you. It would be pretty hard to duplicate your error without knowing your system setup and having access to the servers used…

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Thanks so much for your feedbacxk Karsten!

Email sending works very fine.

The issue we experience here is that few (VERY few) users manage to “unlock” that Email field on the Stripe-hosted sign up page.

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It is easy as 1, 2, 3

contl+shift+i (open inspector) and search for mail address. → Change address and send form
this way would be with intention - the user must have changed the data intentionally.
A way without minipulation was not possible

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Welcome Daniel! Yes, that’s what would be possible.

But judging from the interactions with those users we are not sure if their intention or skills were there. They were just as confused about this, as we were.

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