Write code like a Pro. GPT4 Can reference to updated documentation of any code language by providing URL

Excuse me for my English.
For example, if you need to code an HTML web page with up-to-date HTML all you have to do is feed it with a link to updated documentation. example “HTML Reference
I build a simple website with HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT with no code errors.

Can you share how you provided a URL for it? I believe GPT-4 has no internet access. Would love a complete example from you.

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All I did is I asked chatgpt to code an HTML home page which it did but the code was outdated it didn’t work, then i said "here (HTML: HyperText Markup Language | MDN) is updated documentation for HTML, rewrite the code, then I did the same with CSS and javascript.

HTML5 has been around a good while before ChatGPTs corpus of learning material was selected, and is widely enough cited and referenced that I have no doubts at all that it was included in GPT3.5 - although GPT4 has a more granular, detailed ability to process prompting (Better NLP) so can get better results even from the exact same training corpus.

You are correct that it is NOT looking up the URL - it never needed to.

It does look up the URL. This is Python 3.12.0 alpha 1 which released on Monday 2022-10-03

GPT doesn’t, and that was the specific question I was answering. :slight_smile: