Writer Prompt book proposal

Has anyone had any experience writing a strong book proposal (non-fiction) using prompts

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Let me tell you how to start: “Hey! chatGPT, let’s complete a great book together!” (Then start a question and answer to complete the story structure, complete the detailed description, complete the character creation, etc.), when you think the plot When it is very clichéd, you can say to chatGPT: “I think, writing like this will make the story mediocre, maybe we can try writing like this…”. did you see it? Very good, go and try it out! :partying_face:


Yes, using a chat-based AI as a partner, for idea exchange and bouncing ideas around with, is the best way. Have it check your spelling and grammar acting as your editor friend (but take it’s replies as suggestions, not as gospel). Ask it for ways to change a particular passage of text to be more emotive, or to a different tone. Treat it as an extra opinion, always ready to help at any hour of day or night, never tired, never weary or distracted.

Just don’t treat it as designed and meant for writing articles, or chapters. That’s not what it was built to do, and what they actually did design it for makes it unsuited to such a specific task.

Thinking that just because it can generate words makes it a writer is as stupid as thinking that every kid who learned literacy at school can write a bestselling book. Or to use a phrase I often use in relation to my own field of internet marketing, thinking that just because someone knows a bit about coding they can run a commercial website is like deciding to spend a 20 Million dollar advertising budget on print ads in magazines and billboards, but deciding that the kid who does photocopies in the office should run it because he knows about paper and printing…

All the originality and artistry of writing, all the emotion and aesthetics, have to come from you. The AI can only generate text based on the patterns of what it has already seen and read, and will prefer the most common, the most used before, since that will be the strongest pattern. It is inherently derivative and unoriginal because that is how it works, how it was designed to work.