YouTube Channel

How do I start a successful YouTube channel?

That’s a little off the usual topic, unless you were mistaking the forum for how to prompt ChatGPT. :wink:

It’s no simple question, and there is no one size fits all. Much of it subjective, depending on what talents, skill, or special knowledge you may have that lots of people are interested in. What I can tell you is that there’s no easy shortcut - no matter what, it takes putting in the effort, and it takes time and consistent effort too. Most of the successful YouTube creators spent years building up their audience, and even then, the majority of them depend on Patreon subscribers and sponsorships to actually make a living at it. So if you are looking for a fast and easy living, seriously look just about anywhere else.

Which brings us to the other subjective part of your question: what exactly is your definition of ‘successful’? Some of the topics that can gain you audiences and views are not at all the same as the topics that sponsors are interested in paying to advertise on. If it is money, the exact demographic of your audience is often more important than the size of that audience.

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