YouTube Termination because of AIPRM Verified Prompt?

Hi AIPRM Premium community members

I recently used one of your AIPRM Verified Prompts: ‘Get Automatic YouTube Title and Description for Video’ created by Shahid Ali, which in its description states, ‘Create SEO Optimized YouTube Title and Description’

I used this prompt to create three videos in my newly created YouTube business account. After the third video, I got an email from YouTube stating they terminated my account because I violated their policies.

Now, I was very careful to not use any copyrighted music that wouldn’t be allowed for commercial purposes, so you can imagine my surprise and horror when I received this news. In my appeal back to YouTube I stated this, but I was not aware at the time that the issue could potentially be tied back to the abovementioned verified prompt.

Since appealing, I have done a deep dive into what could’ve gone wrong. I believe the main culprit to be the fact that I used excessive tags in my video description. As written in YouTube Help: ‘Adding excessive tags to your video description is against our policies on spam, deceptive practices, and scams.’

The link to that page can be found here: Add tags to your YouTube videos - YouTube Help.

Upon reviewing the prompts ‘Get Automatic YouTube Title and Description for Video’ created, I noticed they generated a list of tags for each video. The tags are as follows for the three videos in chronological order:

Tags: Unkai Tateshina, Tateshina, Timelapse, Sea of Clouds, Japan, Nature, Travel, Landscape, Scenic, Aerial, Photography, Cinematography

Tags: Ants, Moss, Tiny World, Tateshina, Macro Photography, Nature, Ecosystem, Wildlife, Miniature, Forest, Japan, Exploration

Tags: Grasshopper, Flower, Summer, Tateshina, Nature, Wildlife, Macro Photography, Serenity, Ecosystem, Japan, Beauty

According to this regularly updated blogpost on why YouTube accounts would be suspended, the number one reason is:

‘Going too far in attempts to attract views. This is generally related to the metadata (e.g., titles, descriptions, tags, comments, links and thumbnails).’

‘6.5 Tags in the description
Stuffing a description with list of tags is simply not allowed.’

Other than that, I really can’t think of any other reason why my channel with three short videos of nature would be suddenly terminated. I have saved the full title and descriptions for each video so I can share them with the forum should anyone kindly want to investigate further.

I hope I can get this resolved ASAP as each day without access to my YouTube account is affecting my business.

It doesn’t make sense to ban an account after only 3 videos.

Especially not for some excessive meta data.

Most likely it was some click/view/like spam attempt you engaged in,
and that gets accounts banned - in Youtube, in AIPRM and everywhere else

Maybe share a bit more of what you actually did in addition to generating some tags in AIPRM


I agree with @aiprm-christophc that for a channel to be shut down over just 3 videos is usually about something they see as clear abuse - either copyright strikes, spam of some kind, or content that is against their guidelines.

That’s good, although how are you certain? Did you use only the music available from YouTube Studio directly? There have been many documented cases of music shared elsewhere as Creative Commons actually having restrictions (especially correct attribution notices), or people uploading stolen copyrighted audio as their own, etc.

How about the video itself, since you didn’t specify? Is it all your own camerawork or is it sourced from somewhere?

I’d also suggest you look at the precise notification you got about the channel being closed (checking the spam folder of your emails just to be sure you didn’t miss it). Youtube generally specify at least a general reason, and quite often a specific one.

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@aiprm-christophc @Ammon

Appreciate your replies.

From the original email I got from YT:

‘We have reviewed your content and found severe or repeated violations of our Community Guidelines. Because of this, we have removed your channel from YouTube.’

‘Spam, scams or commercially deceptive content are not allowed on YouTube.’

So, after looking into how to recover my account, I got in touch with Team YouTube on twitter. After sharing my URL, it seemed like my account got restored before they had a chance to look at it. The URL for my channel is here:

After getting my account back online, I removed the tags in the descriptions. Other than that, everything else is as per the AIPRM Pro verified prompt generator. I had another look at my content and the descriptions, and I find it very difficult to see how my videos were spam, scams or commercially deceptive.

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The weird thing is I never got an email from YT stating why my account was reinstated - it would be useful to know why they stopped my account in the first place so I don’t make any similar mistakes in the future.

That it ‘mysteriously’ got reinstated after sharing the URL with the YouTube team on Twitter might have something to do with it (like it might have been in a suspended queue awaiting review/approval), or it might not be anything but coincidence - a level of doubt that many Google-related companies seem to enjoy having.

The ‘spam’ reason possibility is interesting. If you uploaded all three videos in quick succession especially. If you did, don’t do that again. :slight_smile: Otherwise, perhaps they might have suspected a fake or automated account, and just you showing that a human was behind it might have been sufficient. Really no way to tell. Still, it’s back up, so we’ll count it as a win, right?


Yes, I definitely count it as a win :smiley:

Not sure how it could be spam as I only uploaded one video every few days, but I’m glad I’m out of Google purgatory now - hopefully the worst is behind me now.

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