bringing back Power Continue that OpenAI update broke May 20

This is a hot fix release for an outage of the “Power Continue Button” caused by an OpenAI update May 20.

  • fixed Power Continue actions and Export Chat that broke with ChatGPT “silent” rollout last weekend
  • fixed non-clickable buttons in AIPRM modals (reported by some users, also related to ChatGPT changes)
  • added notice for 0 prompts when user has wrong filters set → click to reset filters

We have way cooler things in the making - stay tuned :slight_smile:

Submitted to Google May 22 at 1900 CEST,
we expect release 24-72 hours later.

UPDATE: Google published this after only 14 hours. Thanks! :clap:

It may still take some days until you receive the latest version automatically,
so you can enforce and upgrade manually by removing and reinstalling the extension.


how to fix it ,then>