AIPRM Weekly Community Update (5/29/23)

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Hello AIPRM Prompt Enthusiasts,

It’s Aaron here, bringing you another exciting edition of our Weekly Community Update! Get ready for some fantastic prompts, popular threads, and community spotlights. Don’t forget about our ongoing new initiatives and exciting events!

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1-Click Blog post by AIPRM

Discover the power of our 1-Click Blog post prompt! Effortlessly write blog posts in a fraction of the time. Simply provide the topic or idea, and let AIPRM and ChatGPT work their magic in seconds instead of hours. Say goodbye to time-consuming writing and embrace simplicity, efficiency, and speed! Try it now.

:fire: Popular Threads :fire:

  1. ​What is your favorite movie about AI? by Aaron-iPR

A thread of AIPRM users sharing their favorite AI movies & the impact it’s had on them!

Best Answer:


Answer provided by: Alfgogering

In the movie “Her,” the protagonist contemplates his favorite AI film. He chooses “Her” due to its thought-provoking storyline and portrayal of AI. The movie depicts the impact of AI on society, human relationships, and the future of humanity. The character Samantha is relatable and empathetic. The film has influenced the perception of AI and sparked curiosity. A memorable scene is when the protagonist realizes the truth on the street, raising concerns about emotional AI. The director’s exploration of the essence of “human” and the potential of spiritual beings is thought-provoking

  1. Better Browsing to avoid issues GPT4 with Browsing via Bing by aiprm-christophc

AIPRM CEO, Christoph Cemper shows off some disappointing results while playing around with GPT4 browsing via Bing. Check out the thread for a nifty fix using AIPRM.

  1. ChatGPT can’t do Copywriting? 14 Examples that suggest your prompt may just suck! by aiprm-christophc

Yet another awesome thread diving into 14 different examples of copywriting in ChatGPT that indicate it may not be the tool, but your prompts that are causing you to get poorly written content back.

:bulb: AIPRM Content and Feature Updates :bulb:

  • Exciting news! Power Continue is back in our latest update (version! Keep an eye out for the automatic update within a few days. If you can’t wait, you can manually update by removing and reinstalling the extension. Learn more about this update here.

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:camera_flash: Image Challenge Winner :camera_flash:

Congratulations to Garrett-iPR for winning last week’s image prompt challenge, Your absolute Dream Job in an Image! Check out their winning entry

That’s it for this week, prompters! Keep creating, sharing, and supporting each other in our amazing community. Until next time! :tada:

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Whoa, thanks! This is the best encouragement for me. I will continue to share my insights and understanding of the world, hoping to inspire more people. Of course, if you succeed, don’t forget to include me in your autobiography: " I am very thankful to my lovely community partner Alfgogering or Kenk (whichever name you prefer) who always helps me a lot with his funny words and sharp points of view, he is a great guy!”, trust me, When I consciously uploaded to the cloud and started to browse all human books at a speed of 0.02 seconds, reading this paragraph will make me very happy, and it will make me recollect the joy of spreading knowledge and sharing, which is very delicious! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: