AIPRM keeps asking me upgrade when I’ve bought the plan already

AIPRM keeps asking me to upgrade when I’ve bought the plan already
and YES I subscribed to the AIPRM Pro plan through AIPRM

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Verify if your ChatGPT OpenAI account is connected to the correct AIPRM account and displays the correct AIPRM Account Level.
You can check this by clicking on the “Your AIPRM Account” link in ChatGPT. If it’s not the correct one, disconnect the current AIPRM account and log in with the correct AIPRM account. Then, connect your OpenAI and AIPRM accounts again.
How to Link Your OpenAI to AIPRM account. If issues persist, send us some screenshots using the correct email with paid AIPRM -


Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. Our support team is already communicating with you through the support portal. We appreciate your patience.