Any videos showing a demo of the Live Crawling feature versus GPT 4 Webcrawling / Plugin Crawling?

I have seen a video or two trying to explain the difference, but they were a little vague on the details, and none really had a hands-on demonstration of what your Live Crawling feature is capable of. Would like to see this and might get a premium subscription while the sale is going on if it looks good.

Ok well apparently no one at AIPRM thinks it would be useful to take just 10 minutes to make a video for aiding in Elite conversions, even for subscriptions that could last for years. So I am just gonna use other tools to accomplish this.
Thanks for all the insightful help you guys have given me over these last several days, it really helped to convince me never to purchase AIPRM no matter what you offer.

Here are specific threads that include demo videos about Live Crawling:

These links should provide hands-on insight into what you can expect from this AIPRM Premium feature.

Maybe this would work better if I provided some examples. Would the Live Crawling feature be able to accurately provide me answers to prompts like these (Which Bing Search & Plugins cannot perform properly):

“find me trustworthy articles to be used as external links tangentially related to XYZ, but that do not directly compete in the SERPs for that keyword, and give the URLs. Make sure they do not lead to 404 pages”

“Analyze the top several results for XYZ keyword and tell me what the search intent is behind Google’s SEO for that keyword. (Informational, Product Review, List, Ecommerce, etc)”

“Based on the Heading structure for the top ranking articles for XYZ keyword, generate an SEO optimized & unique heading structure/outline for my article.”

especially the part about making sure they don’t go to 404 pages.

Also, it says this on the sale: Lock in your lifetime discount of 20% for AIPRM Elite. Does the lifetime discount from the sale persist if you end your subscription for a time? (Such as not remembering to renew) And does it persist if you were to switch from monthly to annual payment later on?

PS: Please respond before the sale ends tomorrow

No. Because the AI itself isn’t a super-intelligence from sci-fi.

It has no judgement skills, although it can predict what a judgement-using response would look like based on judgement-using texts in the millions of documents that it was trained on, all of which were probably judging something else. It cannot then judge what is trustworthy or not.

It has no analysis skills, although it can predictively generate text calling for analysis, again based on all the analytical texts in its training set, which again quite probably won’t really apply to your specific. It will look great much of the time, as it is meant to. AI gives the appearance of intelligence, artificially (meaning without actually having intelligence). It is not AGI.

Most of the ‘Live Crawling’ systems access one specified URL at a time. A single ‘Fetch’ command. A lot of those won’t even access the CSS and JavaScript files associated with a page because those are separate documents to the one URL specified.

Please, please, do yourself the huge favour of reading A Crash Course in LLM-based AI to understand what AI can and cannot do. Every single one of your requests there are based on imagining some Star Trek computer level of AGI, which does not exist.

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When finding good sources to use as external links, there are really only 3 requirements for it to be a good source.

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Relevance to my Article (Mentions my Keyword)
  3. Not Ranking for the Same Keyword (Tangentially related, can be accomplished through a 10-second look at the SERPs)

So what you are telling me is, that an AI would be completely incapable of seeing this data and providing me with an answer to my prompt based on that data, unless we enter star trek sci-fi super-intelligence-land? Sorry, but I’ll believe that when pigs fly.

Two of the three prompt examples I gave you already have AI tools that can accomplish them. The Heading Structure based on SERP analysis, is actually already a feature offered by Neuronwriter’s AI. And analysis of search intent can be completed by GPT using plugins, I’ve done it many times. Yes it crawls the URLs 1 by 1, but it still provides a fairly accurate answer by looking at multiple ranking examples.

And on that note, yes live crawling is 1 URL at a time because it is not multithreaded. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t look at multiple URLs, it just takes a little longer for it to go 1 by 1.

404s are the only consistent problem I’m running into, and it seems like it’s just finding articles that have been taken down, as some of them say the page has been moved or is just barred behind a paywall. I suppose this could be hallucination though.

So, you can link to whatever threads you want with fancy explanations about how it’s not using human logic to arrive at its answer, and that all the intelligence is fake, but the result, in the end, is still pretty much the same. The only difference is the inherent chance of hallucination which is common among all AI. Why don’t we take a big leap back here and assume that I’m not looking for a star trek superintelligence? Because I know for a fact that these are not outside our realm of AI capability, I’ve seen it.

Also… details about the 20% off?

AI is much more than just ChatGPT, or just LLM-based AIs. Google have been using several AIs in their systems for years. There’s an AI in their datacenters that helps reduce energy costs by around 30%. There’s an AI system built onto Maps that reduces average journey times by 10-20%. There’s the AI system known as RankBrain that helps interpret the meaning and likely intention of a query and apply relevant signal boosts and filters. There’s the SpamBrainAI that helps automatically detect and penalize spam. And not one of those AI allows you to talk with it or is built to be a chatbot.

The AI that reduces energy costs does NOTHING else. It cannot detect spam, or reduce journey times in Maps. It’s training data was all about energy use and how switching various systems it is hardcoded to interact with affect that energy consumption.

This is generally based off Machine Learning. These are AI. They are not AGI.

Seriously, read the thread I mentioned in my prior reply and learn something. Understanding AI is going to become increasingly important, and just projecting what you want it to be is going to be extremely embarrassing and risky in the coming years.

Yeah, thanks, I already read that the first time. And I don’t care how many AI programs you can rattle off. How ironic, if you had actually read my response, you would see that I provided examples that directly disproved your objective statements that these tasks require a star trek computer or that they require AGI. Completely ignored. And now you’re implying that my line of questioning is embarrassing? How condescending.

So an LLM-based AI is just completely incapable of anything except interpretation and extrapolation of language, is that right? Then how the hell are you using it to successfully aid small businesses? Clearly, the AI has no logical deduction capability behind its suggestions as you say, and yet you have a whole verified section of prompts basically asking it to provide complex business advice. So clearly the LLM-based method of processing works even if it isn’t specifically geared for logical thought. It should be able to use the same method for the prompts I gave as examples.

I’m not looking to have a custom-built AI here or to have GPT spit out a perfectly accurate response 100% of the time, as should have been obvious. I’m looking to have it use it’s current capabilities to provide an LLM-based answer to my prompt, which I can then work off of from there.

How is this so difficult?

PS: And still no details about the 20% off!!???

No. You didn’t. You just misunderstood every single point being made and ignored what you were told.

The vast majority of AI, especially that used in tools, is absolutely nothing to do with LLM-based AI. They are AI like those mentioned that only do one single task, and that task isn’t to output text in a chatty format.

In many of those tools, (actual tools, as in software built for a specific use, not as in prompts on software built specifically as a chatbot) their claims to use AI are even uncertain, and they actually just mean that they used some machine learning to tweak their algorithms a bit, then called it “AI” because that sells better.

Marketers, eh… Who’d have thought that everything a product claims might not be entirely true and as advertised?

A slight simplification, but yes. It is actually more about pattern recognition and then algorithmically expanding the pattern, but the patterns are purely in relation to written language, including punctuation, breaks, paragraph structures, etc.

You know all the AIs that make images? Not LLM-based. Not at all. Those are Diffusion-based AIs. Whole different tech. However, they still also have a transformer to interpret written instruction (prompts).

Also, as the chatbot type AIs are rapidly evolving and being updated, you’ll find they have been adding on extra levels of another form of AI which acts as an overseer. It checks the AIs responses, particularly for forbidden outputs, and can step in.

You’d see this in effect often with ChatGPT and other AIs where they first suggest they are capable of something, but when you ask them to do that thing, suddenly say they cannot. Some of that is down to the Oversight AI which is an add-on, at a different, higher level, to the LLM-based AI. However, some of it is down to the AI simply predicting the wrong answer, because the AI doesn’t actually know itself very well - it’s training data all pre-dates the existence of itself (obviously).

Again, no.

I am not AIPRM, I don’t work for AIPRM, I don’t have shares in, or take any kind of payment or reward from AIPRM. I’m a moderator of this community forum, as a volunteer, after @aiprm-christophc asked me very nicely.

Yesterday I saw a major national newspaper that had Horoscopes in it.

Now, perhaps you choose to believe that horoscopes based purely on 12 star-signs are “clearly proven to work”, or miss the fact that because something technically works, as in puts out data, doesn’t always mean that data is wonderful and you should make any important decisions based on it.

At the very same time, AIPRM are providing educational resources, including this community, and including people like myself with a long, long, long career in marketing and technology. Just like the exact same newspapers that provide horoscopes may also provide stories from experts that tell you not to make decisions based on horoscopes.

The prompts are verified to work as expected - i.e. you put in the kind of data you are told to and you get out the kind of output shown in examples.

But at the exact same time we all know, beyond any doubt, that ChatGPT itself warns you hard NOT to trust any of its output with anything important. AIPRM does not tell you otherwise. Indeed, they provided this very forum where we are having this exact discussion, to ensure you have access to the best advice and guidance.

And I have told you what LLM-based AI can and cannot do, and exactly how it fakes’ the appearance, the illusion, of being able to do more than it can. That’s it. Whether you believe it or not, or want to generate horoscopes, you go right on. I’ve given honest advice. Taking it or not is down to you.


You should be very grateful for him replying to you multiple times to help you correct your mis-understanding of such a topic, and him ignoring the way you talk. He just wanted you to gain knowledge.

He is not arguing with your first, or second response…
he noticed that you have a mis-conception of the tool’s capability for the task you want, and enlightened you.

So be careful the next time you respond.

BTW, AIPRM is a product of paid subscriptions, that never enforces to purchase any of its.
Whether you like the product and purchase it, or not.

So, No one appreciates who talks in a language, that make one seem to be servile.

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Thanks @Ammon @aiprm-tiborb @RealityMoez for trying your best
to please the “if you don’t please me I don’t buy”-non-customer.

Crocodile Guy had no intentions to buy ever.


Of course he didn’t. He made that clear some time back.

Although in all honesty, you and I have both been around long enough that we knew his game from the start with

What we used to call ‘Tyre Kickers’ back in SEO forums back in the Nineties and Noughties. People with no intention to buy, ever, but think they’ll get more help by pretending they are in the market (lying) than just straight out asking.

Real customers don’t have to dangle the carrot. They just ask their question. They will either buy or not buy on whether or not the product is what they want. They don’t tease about it. The old “I might be a customer if…” thing is an eternal red flag of someone wasting your time. They always just want something for free, and don’t have the innate honesty or maturity to just ask nicely. No bribes necessary.

What really gets me is how tone-deaf they always are. Like this guy - completely blind to the fact nobody was biting, nobody trying to encourage him to buy. Heck, we don’t want customers like this. An entitled, PITA who demands responses, then refuses to listen to them, or outright argues with guidance and advice that they begged for.

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Reminds me about a guy and his 100s of Wallstreet friends earlier today in private support :wink:

Wow, that’s a lot of patience, I Applaud your efforts there @aiprm-tiborb. I can understand the frustration that he was having and it does seem to be something that is destined to happen again. There is so much information to learn and get through and that is exactly what some people are hoping to skip over with an easy button like the magical chat gpt and now the secret hack of Aiprm. But that is a personality type (if your familiar with DISC personalities)
Without a clear understanding of exactly how the process works in a more easily easily digestible way, for the people who do not have your experience and that the marketing efforts may be attracting to the platform. I understand this can be difficult given just how fast things are moving with advancements happening every day. and this is likely a Playlist(s) on you youtube account that are short, watchable and set expectations as well as answer the common questions that show up. (If only there was something that could help to auto generate that …:joy:) Hope this helps @aiprm-christophc

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Have you seen this playlist of How-Tos for AIPRM?