Live Crawling + Multiple Prompt Variables combined


:fire: Get ready for the ultimate AIPRM Feature combo!

:fire: Live Crawling + Multiple Prompt Variables!

:spider: Live Crawling is here soon, too, and it’s about to get even better with Multiple Variable support in Prompt!

:boom: Watch out for the dynamic duo in action - it’s a game-changer!

:warning: Warning: :warning: Watching this video may result in an urgent desire to upgrade to the AIPRM Elite plan to unlock Live Crawling!:warning:

:rocket: Join the excitement and stay ahead with #AIPRM

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Amazing :boom: :100:


Actually, this really was the last nudge I needed to go elite. Really looking forward to it rolling out.


Hey Tony,

it’s already live in the AIPRM Premium Extension

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Hey guys can you explain the benefit of the ‘live crawling’ for a SEO blog writer?

Debating which Plan to get. Mostly use the SEO features.

Awesome stuff btw.

Is there some way that we can get an idea as to the types of prompts that would be on the premium and elite plans? I would love to improve my experiences, but I don’t know if those prompts are relevant to my needs. I do understand that the prompt-types change as more are uploaded and tested… I do thank you and your team for making such a great effort to optimize our expertise.


Starting from AIPRM Pro and Up, there’s AIPRM Verified Prompts that have several advantages:

  • Functional prompts unlike spam ones or click-baits.
  • Continuous development of the prompts (up to date for any OpenAI changes).
  • Compatible prompts with ChatGPT & GPT-4 Models.
  • Compatible prompts with current and upcoming prompt template features.

Every prompts category has AIPRM Verified Prompts.

It’s the same prompts you get for free but verified by staff to be correctly working, correctly described, well-crafted, and working with the current versions of ChatGPT and with AIPRM. It is the verified bit that is the new added value, saving you time on trying prompts that maybe are broken, don’t work quite as expected, or might be a complete waste of your time to check out for yourself.

Hi Christoph, yep I have that version. It was the live crawling that got me to the Elite plan so now waiting excitedly for that to roll out too. Or is it in the new version and I can’t see it?