Outrank Article [Live Crawled, using new crawling feature]

Link to Prompt

What the Prompt does

  • outrank the competition with an in-depth, SEO-optimized article based the LIVE CRAWL of [YOUR COMPETITOR URL]
  • uses content from live crawled URL (selected plans only)

Example Prompt Output GPT3.5



Example Prompt Output GPT4

Give the input as text - marked as code example


How I came up with it

Users have been asking for a Live Crawled “Outrank Article” from day 1.
Although inference helps with popular URLs, this will now allow users to generated articles based on exact text found on URLs.

More insights

I am curious about the performance and result of this prompts and look forward to feedback and ideas.

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Don’t you need to publish both versions, doing everything possible to ensure neither has any advantage over the other you can even imagine and see how they perform, so see if it delivered on the promise to ‘Outrank’?

Personally, if I were grading the 2 versions, I’d rate the GPT4 version considerably higher than the 3.5 output version. Simply on how both read, and which I feel confident would perform better in every regard (but especially in success/conversion metrics). The headings make the GPT4 one far easier to scan and pick out specific points from.

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Yes, I agree - GPT-4 outputs are much more to the point.

I would also expect the GPT-4 to rank a lot better.

The next Live Crawling prompt for source code analysis shows that, impressively.


It gets cut off - the “Continue writing please” prompt stop working for me for about 2 weeks now. Moreover, the articles being generated seemed more simplified than fully detailed compared to 2-week weeks ago. Something changed.

Here is a test article: How to Self-publish Your Own Book in 8 Steps (2023) (shopify.com)

Are you able to produce full detailed results with the URL above? Does the writing stop at some point? If so, were you able to get ChatGptPlus to start writing where it last left off?


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I am finding the same issue for GPT4, but not when using GPT3.5.

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GPT4 has a very different level of NLP (Natural Language Processing) which means it interprets prompts in a very different and much more detailed way. That means that GPT can be a lot more precise… But it also means that prompts made for GPT3 act very, very differently when run on GPT4.


This is happening for both ChatGPT and 3.5 and 4. Have you tried the URL I gave? And screenrecording of it working properly…

No. I haven’t tried the prompt as it is not something I believe to be anything but a complete waste of my time.

I would never bother with the original ‘Outrank’ prompt because it won’t work. It never had a chance to work. It will never, in a million years, be able to work because if it could work, the next of the 1,000,000 results for the same search could use the same prompt and beat you the next day. No publicly available tool gives you an edge, precisely because it is publicly available. Anyone can use the tool to get the same results, meaning it has zero competitive advantage.

Using AI to write a book means you are simply spinning already published information, stuff so widely and freely available that they already used it to train an AI with everything it knows, to spit out the exact same already known information people could get for free. Oh, there’s always a few people dumb enough that it could make some money, just like there’s still people falling for the Nigerian Prince/Diplomat etc scams, but exactly like those, it is a scam with no value.

Current AI tech is not AGI. It has absolutely no creativity. It cannot think up any new ideas, at all, and instead just predicts based on the millions of patterns it was trained to detect and recognize. Put to tasks that rely on creativity, it will always fail. Instead, you have to use it in ways that spark your original thinking and creativity. Bounce ideas around with it. Have it suggest things that you can be creative with or about. AI is good at patterns, at giving you access to a huge wealth of already known data that you can work from to spot the gaps, the missing pieces, and thus to something original of your own that may have value.