Billing issues - Unable to access old email, unable to cancel, support says DIY

Hi support, and thanks in advance for all the help in my email support ticket so far, but feeling a little exasperated, I’ve even gone through support, and even Stripe thinking it might be easier to cancel the sub there but to no avail.

So I am in a situation where my email was changed to a new domain in workspace (before the notice was added to aiprm for what its worth) and support advise me to log in using my old email to cancel the old subscription

I cannot do that in GTP, or in AIprm, as it was a Google Workspace account, there’s no way for me to log in with my old email.

Now I have an Aiprm account sub in limbo, so while support confirms my old subscription is live on my old email, I cannot log in to access it, and after asking support to cancel it, so I can resubscribe, pointed me to DIY.

I am unable to access the interface.

I know it’s a fast growth project, but unbelievable, after even going through Stripe, they cannot manage this either. I’ve really done all I can to do it as easily as possible and self-serve.

“Ive pulled up your account and found that the subscriptions aren’t listed since it was under your third party platform. I am afraid that we don’t have the capability to cancel the subscription since we only act as a payment processor. The subscription must be canceled from where it was originated.”

Do I really have to cancel my bank cards and all subscriptions on my estate to cancel this? incredibly frustrating!

Love the tool and everything that’s happening, but being able to manage myself, or log into airprm directly via email would have saved everyone more time than 6 months’ subscription value so far. I really hope its me being thick. but I’ve logged in and out of gpt and AIPRM, can someone please just click a button for me?

Many thanks!

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That does sound incredibly exasperating. I have flagged this for staff attention for you but I’d also suggest you copy-paste this post into an email to AIPRM too as that’s often a faster way to get things sorted.


Thanks Gareth,

I understand the problem that you don’t have access to your old Email.

We will find and manually cancel that for you.

This is an untypical situation indeed, and not usually done by us.

Best, Christoph

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Hi Gareth,

I cancelled your subscription now for you, you can setup account and signup with your new Email.

A general advice:

NEVER EVER give up a domain that you used for anything online, especially not business transactions.

Expired domains are a common attack verctor, providing buyers of such domains access to banking, web hosting and more from users that “gave up” the old domain.

I’ve collected and forwarded dozends of my own emails over the last 20 years,

but I know many people are just letting their old domains expire without changing accounts and passwords.

So you may want to check with other services as well where your old domain is still connected.

Have a nice weekend,


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Thanks so much for dealing with this for me; I know it’s a unique/ unusual one!

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Glad we could help here.

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