Can ChatGPT crawl live data from URLs? - No, but this is often not necessary

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Good day and thank you for this. I am looking at purchasing the AIPRM Elite package that has “live crawling of URL’s”. Can you explain what this feature does if it is not for SEO purposes, and whether I will be able to use it for any SEO related tasks. I thank you in advance.

Live Crawling of URLs is a feature that allows you to add up-to-date information to your prompts from other URLs in real-time, extending the knowledge of ChatGPT beyond the 2021 cut-off. You can use this feature by either using available prompts with live crawling or creating your own prompt template with [CRAWLEDTEXT] or [CRAWLEDSOURCE] placeholders. For more information and examples, please visit the forum posts linked below:

In case you can’t afford the more expensive tier with the live crawling feature, you can still use gpt–crawler from github


Here is a custom GPT that I quickly made to help answer questions about how to use and integrate by simply providing the URL to the Builder docs.

repo is GitHub - BuilderIO/gpt-crawler: Crawl a site to generate knowledge files to create your own custom GPT from a URL