Can no longer have OpenAi see my new AIPRM subscription

In short:|
Had the wrong AIPRM subscription. Cancelled. (note it was connected with OpenAI just fine).
Waited till it expired.
Got new Elite subscription.
But now at, when i click on the AIPRM stuff section,
it says i need a paid AIPRM subscription, which i have, using the same email address as my openAI account.

So how do i get openai to see my new subscription to AIPRM, which it could see with my previous subscription (again, with the same email address)?


Okay this is generally just that you haven’t associated the accounts quite right.
Change account name and email address?

Or as the Help Bot (down in the bottom left of the screen) explains it:

To associate your email accounts for AIPRM and ChatGPT, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the email account you connected to AIPRM is the same email account you used to purchase the subscription.
  2. If you connected the wrong Google Account to AIPRM, you can disconnect it by logging into the AIPRM backend at and clicking the Disconnect Button. No data will be lost.
  3. After disconnecting, confirm that you see the success message. If you see an error message, please reload the screen with F5 and retry the Disconnect Button.
  4. Logout of AIPRM and confirm that you see the start screen used for Account Linking. Do not login yet.
  5. Open your second ChatGPT tab at and ensure that the “Connect Message” is displayed. If it doesn’t show, press F5 a couple of times over 10-15 seconds.
  6. Click the green CONTINUE button, and a new tab will open.
  7. Follow the steps for Account Linking using your new Google Account.

Please note that these instructions are for associating email accounts and may not cover all aspects of account management.

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