Change account name and email address?

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How do I change account name and email address?

You don’t. We don’t support that.

If you want to work with another Google Mail, you sign up with that.

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Can I transfer all my prompts to a new account? Plus all the view data etc?

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We also haven’t implemented such a function. You are the first of > 1 million user asking for that, so naturally we’re not spending development resources on such a feature.

But you can suggest it in AIPRM Feature Requests so see if more users request that in the future.

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So the AIPRM account is linked to the google account? And any AIPRM account which is actually the google account email address can link to whichever openai account as long as you have the logins for that pecific openAI account? Is that correct? So when i signup with the stripe email address needs to be in line with the google account email that is assigned to the AIPRM account?

Yes, your understanding is correct. Your AIPRM account is linked to your Google account, and AIPRM account can be linked to whichever OpenAI account you have access to. When signing up with Stripe, you must use the same email address as your Google account associated with your AIPRM account.

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