Can’t access Premium features

I’m having the same issue here. Purchased premium this morning, I’m using same company gmail for logins, however I can’t access the Premium features. Not sure what’s the problem there. I have another gmail account with which I started testing chatGPT but I made sure than I was using the same when I purchased the premium plan… tried also to delete the AIPRM extension and re-install but nothing is changed.

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Hi Philippe,

we looked into your issue in supoort already,
and it was indeed two different emails
that needed a re-linking to one.

Did you see that Email?



i’m a new user and signed up for Premium a few days ago. Silly question perhaps, and forgive me if it has already been asked, but how do I know i’m on the AIPRM Premium version on CHATGPT. I’m on the plus plan,but i’m a bit confused as the options for ‘‘Tone’’ and ‘‘Writing Style’’ don’t open up for me. I’ve tried disconnecting aiprm and restarting again, but still the same issue. It worked briefly when I signed up and tested it out, but haven’t been able to get it to work since yesterday. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



I’m not sure you understood my question Muhammed.

The options for “Tone” and “Writing Style” come with Aiprm, which I can’t access. I don’t have an issue with Chatgpt and only mentioned I’m a Plus user with them.

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I know,
But do you mean they doesn’t show up at all, or doesn’t show the many options you used to see ?
As now various Tones and Styles are AIPRM Premium features. (not ChatGPT Plus features)

Thank you for replying back so quickly.

I mean the various Tones and writing styles provided by AIPRM is what I can’t access. As soon as I click to open the Tones and Writing styles and try choose it closes again. It’s so fast I can’t even read what the various options for Tones and Writing styles are. I do have Premium Aiprm, so not sure why I can’t access it.

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I’m having the same problem. I’m using the same gmail account for chatGPT and AIPRM. However, ever since upgrading? or purchasing the premium plan, I cannot access the AIPRM prompt anymore. Only public prompts are open to me.

Please send us all details, including videos and screenshots, to for investigation. Thank you!

Other ChatGPT browser extensions cause conflicts with AIPRM. Try to uninstall all other ChatGPT extensions to use AIPRM and then retry, please:


Thank you, I actually already tried this,but didn’t solve it.

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Hi @Yasmin_A
I’ve just personally verified that your Pro Account is active and you should be able to work with your account.

There are all sorts of Chrome extension that can cause conflicts, e.g. also some “SEO Extensions” we’ve learnt recently.

Please send us more details and screenshots of what you see, ideally in support, and we can investigate further Yasmin, thanks!

Please help me, I have same issue, and I do’nt know how to change email same 1, where I can submit a ticket for issue?
I have just sub Pro Plan - 20$, but I can not use Pro feature

Please send us all details, including videos and screenshots, to for investigation. Thank you!

Hi guys, my first contact chatGPT is 2 month ago. I assigned directly to pro version of ChatGPT. After 2 or 10 day ago, don’t know exactly, i decide to upgrade to 50$ to model from 20$. Now, if I check my plan, I still see the 20$/month subscription.
I already canceled the 20$/month modell as it was recommended. the amount for the bigger model is already charged, but in left the in the bar under “my plan” I still see the 20$/month plan. why don’t upgrade the system to my higher plan? would appreciate it, when some one enlighten me.
best regards

Generally, when users describe this problem they look at “ChatGPT Plus for $20”

…but want to review AIPRM plans,
which you do here

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I signed up for a premium account for $20 per month. only seems to give me 68 prompts. Does that seem right?Cheers Mike

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Hi Mike,

The total is 2632 Prompts as of now.

You can just switch between tabs for different lists.

hello, I took the premium option and I had a problem, AIPRM took my 2nd Google account to connect and unfortunately I paid for it. I took the correct email address with which I connect on Chatgpt and I also pay. But nothing happens, still no Premium. How to do please? How to stop one of the Premium subscriptions?