ChatGPT Ban in Germany?

Some nonsense about “ChatGPT ban in Germany”
is floating around social media. Some UK yellow press titled a post just like that.

Reading the german source quoted by some UK churnalists, it just says

1/ DE asked IT about details of their ban. Age verification of course is important.

2/ Another DE politician said you can not forbid technology progress, same opinion as their french politician colleagues.

3/ That’d be it. Considering a ban is not even mentioned.

All that’s confirmed is that a ban would also be possible because legally, because no s. it sherlock, the EU laws are also in effect in Germany :crazy_face::sweat_smile::nerd_face:

Source: ChatGPT: Diskussion um Regulierung in Deutschland

I don’t know about Germany, but most people in China cannot use chatGPT at present, because our education system is still unable to cope with this technology. If it is used blindly in China on a large scale, it will cause many college students to lose their jobs, which is likely to cause Social turmoil, but for people like me who are eager for new technologies, no matter how much I pay, I am willing to pay, and I don’t want to miss the important moment when mankind enters a new era! :sunglasses:


Do you mean

“cannot use” because users don’t understand it?
“cannot use” because authorities blocked it?

On the one hand, this is the reason, because our social system is that collective interests outweigh individual interests. If large-scale unemployment of college students causes civil war, no one can afford such a responsibility. On the other hand, the leaders of our country seem to be fighting with Apple in this regard For cooperation, it is likely that Microsoft’s asking price is too high for us to accept.


You may not be able to imagine how terrible it is for a country with a population of 1.3 billion to suddenly have hundreds of millions of people unemployed. Our leaders are using relatively peaceful means to prevent such a horrible future from happening. Sometimes we have to admit that peace is true. very valuable. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


chatGPT technology will also have a profound impact on our education system in China. Our education system is rigid to some extent, similar to playing games purely for winning, not for happiness, but if we still hold this in the era of chatGPT Mentality, the children educated are largely incompatible with the new era, because you and I know that the chatGPT era needs creativity and imagination, and you can clearly understand that I am different from most Chinese, so It is because my primary school teacher used a similar education method to ancient Greece to educate me, which made me think more, instead of memorizing by rote, so I am very grateful to my primary school teacher, she is great.

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hundreds of millions of people unemployed

Yes, these numbers and everything that goes with it is unimaginable to me, living in a country with 10 million people - less than some large cities in the world.

because my primary school teacher used a similar education method to ancient Greece to educate me,

Wow, congratulations, that sounds really helpful.

I must admit that I have only been “living” and “working” in the so called western world, with customers in many countries like US,CA,EU all Europe but very few from Asia, let alone a substantial amount of contact that I would consider myself “familiar”.

We now have a completely international audience, with more than 1/3 of the users coming from Asian countries, very surprising for us.

I thank you for explaining things, it is very helpful to me.

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you are welcome my friend :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

But although China can’t use it now, it can’t resist people who want to know about GPT. After trying the functions of GPT, many people try to find a way to use it. After all, AI intelligence is the beginning of a new era. As a member of the current society, We must keep up with the pace of social development.


It cannot be used because the Internet in China cannot support access to server websites other than China, but many people will choose some scientific Internet access methods to use chatGPT after a series of operations in order to use chatGPT


I changed my address to a US address so that OpenAI won’t cancel my account in case ChatGPT is banned in Germany, like they did with italian users. I don’t trust our german government and the EU to do the right thing, as Italy has already demonstrated. By the way, you can still access Playground with an Italian IP, not the same, but at least something.

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in case ChatGPT is banned in Germany

I understand it, but I would not worry about that, for now.

So far they have only announced to look into what Italy is doing, nothing else.
And Germany is slooooow.

Not when it comes to banning things… But the good news is, whether they ban ChatGPT or not, the development of AI can no longer be stopped. I can’t await to see all the cool AI stuff that is coming in the next weeks and months.

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I think Italy simply wants to rob Microsoft, because the Italian bill is established, then Microsoft will pay Italy 4% of the company’s annual revenue. Hateful political game. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I am more interested in the push back that is inevitable and timing. I looked at trending topics today and, so far, Google reports that Americans are as interested in chatGPT as “Cat Smiles”, whatever that is. We know, however, that the API release mean new apps and that is the only thing anyone should be talking about.

IN one thing I read, some survey indcated that 33% of US CEOs believe that there WILL be “some” AI displacements by end of 2023. 26% say “probably” will be layoffs. That is a legit fear. Government HATE unemployment. I mean, what exactly happens when lawyers start to lose their jobs. I am asking.

So, when you read something about politicians maybe or maybe not banning in Germany, do not think for a second that that is not THE concern even if the story about Germany is false. If I was Putin, the last thing I would care about right now is the Ukraine. I would be extrapolating Altman’s pubic conversation in which he philosophizes about a universal income based on a gift form openAI form its $100 TRILLION revenue surplus. Hypothetically. I admire Altman immeasurably but, I pray, that openAI can hold it together before the world figures out what is about to happen.

I am prone to drama, so disregard if you feel agitated. I am usually wrong.


It is so easy to make impossible promises for a tasty soundbite. But the absolute and undeniable fact is that Altman and the other owners of OpenAI didn’t hesitate for a second before signing the deal with Microsoft that promised Microsoft all of the profits until and unless all of Microsoft’s investment is repaid. Not one peep or quibble about maybe Microsoft having 90% or 95% and just 5% going into research into the socio-economic impact of their breaking ranks with all the other AI developers who’d carefully been releasing and using LLMs and AI in smaller, more measurable ways.

It is a very different arrangement to that the CEO of DeepMind made when Google bought them outright (not the mere 49% share Microsoft bought of OpenAI for 100% of the profits)… If you’re unfamilar with the differences, do a little digging. I’m less impressed by Altman, though I think better of him than I did after his interview with ABC that’s linked to elsewhere in the forum. It is possible that he did genuinely believe that the only way AI would get the attention, rules, and discussions that are needed, urgently, was by making it happen (easier to seek forgiveness than permission) and he just ‘happens’ to benefit massively financially and in fame/power/prestige by that ‘altruistic’ gesture… :wink:

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