ChatGPT broke the homepage layout as of 16/03/23 - Fix is on the way

Some feedback related to the new landing page layout you guys have switched to.

I think it is a mistake to do this. At the very least you should have option to toggle from [panel] to [grid] views. The reason I believe this is because the gridview allows for more prompts to be in view, above the fold, which means provides a better user experience overall.

content area should be two maybe three column or as I mentioned above, option to toggle views…

Just my opinion obviously, but I think the previous layour was damn nera perfect to begin with as far as the way you were presenting the prompts



Thanks so much John, this is a defect introduced thanks to ChatGPT.
We have a new release for AIPRM Premium scheduled already with Google.

and warning on our website


The “old” look is back already in AIPRM Premium.

Version is what you want.

How to install AIPRM Premium