Considering a Book or Contract

Hello, I’m looking for a prompt to help me work with ChatGPT. Currently, whenever I try to incorporate a text of more than 100 pages, it does not allow me, and therefore, I have to add the text chapter by chapter. However, by the time I reach the 5th chapter, it has forgotten the rest of the chapters… sometimes it remembers, but most often it forgets. So, when I want to ask questions about the book or contract that has been prepared so that it can draft a letter, it cannot group and read all the chapters at once. Is there a prompt that helps it receive all the text at once? Or, if not, is there a way for it to retain (in the same chat) the information that has been provided?


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There’s at least a dozen other discussion threads where I’ve talked at length about the memory limitations set upon ChatGPT, of which I think the most recent was:

Best way to create a report/ in depth piece of writing out of thorough AIPRM generated prompt

AIPRM stops and won’t restart where left off also deals with the same limitation issue.

I have talked about how what ChatGPT is meant for, and purpose designed to do is interactive chat applications, back and forth, and that there is a good and really obvious reason that it wasn’t called (or designed to be) BookGPT or ArticleGPT in the thread: Write a Complete Book in One Click


Understood Ammon. Thanks for your feedback.

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