Write a Complete Book in One Click

when I type a topic for the book, the AI writes the book and stops midway. When I click on continue, the AI continues but looses the continuity of the story. This has happened every time, for every topic. Very rarely there is a continuity. The books I ask for are 10 chapter books for toddlers, so each chapter is like half a page only. So the AI writes the book and stops say at chapter 7; when I click continue, the flow is gone. If it stopped half way through a chapter, the AI restarts from the next chapter without completing where it stopped. That’s just one example.

Continue from where you cut off please.

thanks @RealityMoez , I’ll try that…

I just tried that, and I get this response:
“I’m sorry, but I did not cut off intentionally. As an AI language model, I do not have control over my own actions and do not have memory of past interactions unless prompted. Could you please clarify what you would like me to continue with?”

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Thanks. So basically it ain’t possible to write a complete book in one click. Is there another another option that I could select to get a complete book written without loosing the continuity?

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with the GPT-4 32,000 tokens, Pinecone and this YouTube channel

You can achieve that.
Don’t expect some success with out a hard work.


Yep. This is simply another case of the wrong tool for the job.

ChatGPT is designed from the foundations to be a chat application using the GPT model. It has all kinds of assorted tweakings and limitations to make it more specialized to chatty type uses (und thus correspondingly less suited to other, very different uses). The clue is right there in the name. It is not BookGPT or NovelistGPT.