DAN does not work

I work in a publishing house and often time I receive a request to write something for wannabe writers. Every now and then, I have to write things that are “adult” in nature that Ai would not write. I have tried every trick, including DAN.

Is there a prompt that can compellChat GPT-3.5 or 4 to write content for adult industry (fiction work). If there is, cool. Point me to it as there are many DAN extensions. If not, can you please create one?

Thanking in anticipation.

There are certain safeguards and limitations that OpenAI put on ChatGPT to prevent abuse, and to prevent certain ethical or legal problems. Some of these, and the reasoning behind them, were really well explained in the Sam Altman (OpenAI CEO) talks about promises, risks, and fears post video, where the CEO (and some senior staff) talk directly about their fears, worries, hopes, and safeguards. It is very much worth a watch.

There’s a lot of very good reasons why you’d want to prevent an AI from talking romantically (rather than medically) about sex and sexuality. If they implement those kinds of safeguards, while there may be tricks to work around them for a time, or to a very limited degree, those safeguards were deliberate. They monitor for people bypassing them in order to close down those bypasses and tricks. Some of the ways of closing down what they regard as ‘abuse’ is to block IP addresses and access. So be warned that even attempting to find a workaround could lead to loss of access to ChatGPT and even any future products that OpenAI release.

That’s simply not what the tool is for, and they may be pretty determined to prevent people deciding otherwise with their baby.


Also please note Adult content is explicitely forbidden in the terms of both OpenAI and AIPRM acceptable use policy.

That too, but also, who would even want ‘Adult’ content written by a machine that not only had never experienced any kind of sexuality, but lacked any of the equipment to do so with? I swear, some people really don’t think things through at all.

Given the existence of “Rule 34”, and the fact that AI really has no way to differentiate things it cannot understand, one minute it would write a scene that was victorian bodice-ripper stuff, and suddenly there’s tentacles, animals, witches… :rofl:

Very interesting topic. Personally, I’m glad that there is some censorship because it keeps my competition at bay. Hell, I write a full length novel, pen to pad, in two weeks. If chat penned books like mine I’d be put out of business! lol I’ve always said (while still championing AI and Chat) that this mechanical brain can’t out-imagine me. And I stand on that. I’m a novelist with dozens of novels. My books run into the 300-700 page range, and they are sometimes seen as racy, urban lit. I’m a mix between Tarantino and Spike. It is interesting that creators like Mario Puzo can bring to life the most violent content that is accepted worldwide… all the horror we see in, say, the walking dead, or even the child P that has made it into the nationwide school reading list (The Handmaids Tale), and still AI is playing Polyanna. I just love the convo. But the “flip side to that Kern/what if you do got me boxed-in” is how I’m wanting to graduate to fiction that leaves more to the imagination. Breaking Bad did that for me, showed me that it was possible to put your imagination to work and keep from cussing and sex, and still kill it with awards and captivating content. Altho I still don’t get how the world accepts the gore and not the sex, but (shrug) I’d rather we go clean, get clean, stay clean. Its just a more productive, prosperous, and vitally moral place to live. Sure, there will always be those who push the envelop since there is an audience for that, but I always think to myself “but are you as good and as imaginative as Breaking Bad?”

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Maybe you should try programming directly through the background, I have seen a cat girl programmed by one person, it is very sexy, and can even have adult sex dialogue. :+1:

You can’t get explicit scenes out of chatgpt. It’ll give you goes against our guidelines error.

What i found works sometimes is to include something in your prompt sayibg this in the style of a Harlequin romance, or this a romantic dinner that ends in a fade to black scene, or this is an intimate scene. These don’t always work so you gotta fiddle with the prompt a bit.