Do you have a pet? 🐾

:service_dog::parrot::lizard: Calling all pet lovers! We want to see the adorable companions that brighten up your lives.

:camera_flash: Whether they have fur, feathers, scales, or even fins, we want to meet your pets and learn their names. Share a picture of your pet and let’s fill up the thread with our favorite companions.

:pushpin: Question: What’s your pet’s name? Share a picture of your pet.

:paw_prints: Let’s get to know our furry (or not-so-furry) friends better and celebrate the joy they bring to our lives. Feel free to share:

:one: A photo of your pet, so we can all admire their adorable faces.

:two: Tell us their name and any interesting or funny stories about them.

:three: Share what makes your pet special or unique. What makes your bond with them so special?

Let’s create a gallery of our community’s pets, celebrating their playfulness, companionship, and unconditional love.

Bonus points if you share an AI created image of your pet as well! :mechanical_arm:

I’ll get us started. Below are my 2 cats Zara & Levi.

Zara (Black cat) came to us from a shelter and we adopted her as a kitten in 2020. She loves sun bathing, sitting on laps, and beating up her little brother lol

Levi (Grey and white tabby) was rescued as a kitten and the person he was rescued by contacted us to see if we could make room for 1 more in our little family. Levi got his name from the character Captain Levi in the anime series Attack on Titan. Levi is still a little nervous around people, but he loves to play, bird watch, and occasionally attack his sister when she isn’t paying attention. :joy:

Here’s my attempt at an AI Image of Zara & Levi


We have 4 cats in total, and the specs are a bit special, need to interview my wife.
but 2 parents and 2 of their 7 kittens (grown very big meanwhile)

Here is Samy, the most dominant one.

A total of 9 cats in the house max, uncountable here in this pic, Samy being 1

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These are 3 of my newest guinea pig fur babies, I haven’t given them names as yet, but its 33 total in the flock :grinning:


33? Oh wow, that’s a lot

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These are our cats Puff and George. They aren’t spoiled the slightest either :rofl:

I genuinelly have aboutttt (tries to count) 50 pets… hmm, 70 if we count fish, I just wouldnt know where to start :slight_smile:

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Sammy’s face is showing real dominance :joy: :joy: :joy:

These pictures are seriously making me think about adopting another one.

Out of curiosity, do they all get along? My cats hated each other for about a month before they became friends.

Is that the mama making sure you’re taking good care of the babies? :joy:

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Black cats are a fave of mine! :black_cat:

They’re adorable!

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Thanks for sharing!

I always wanted a guinea pig as a kid. The closest I got was having one as a class pet. :pensive:

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hehe si, in the middle of the damned night of course

Yes its time to downgrade for sure :slight_smile:

You can still get one if you have the time and space :slight_smile: I got one free during covid and now its 33 they seem to breed by air, must be separated early or it seems babies can get mom pregnant as well. I’m working on adopting them out as we speak :slight_smile: I would keep them all if I had a farm :grinning: . They’re great for children to have a pet early in life.

Awesome! Post some lets see them :grinning:

This is Lucy aka Ms. Fluffington the 3rd.

Lucy is 4-year-old minigoldendoodle. She pooped right by the front door this morning. She doesn’t normally do that!

She lovessssss cheese. She’s a bit of a coward. She’s incredibly loyal.

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Samy’s mum when woken up, haha. Same look.

They fight on a somewhat regular basis, but seldom, and it seems more play than the fight woth neighbor cats :wink:

Daddy Colin is the coolest

This is my angel, she is simply a god (actually my dad gave it to me, he wanted me to take her out for more walks, my body was a bit fat at the time, hahaha) best gift to me, oh, By the way, her name is “Shuang”, which means bringing good luck to those around her. She brought so much joy to me and my parents, filled my normally reticent family with laughter, and I just realized how great it is to have a pet! Although she sheds hair, often bites the sofa, and is a bit picky eater, hahaha, but I think these are nothing compared to the happiness she brings us. Since she came to our house, I have been playing with her almost every day. The most interesting thing is that one day I was taking a nap in another bedroom (I remember it was summer), and I didn’t cover the quilt, and she ran to My bedroom brought my quilt (the quilt used in summer was very light) and put it on me. At that time, I felt unbelievable. She knew what “love” is. At that time, I clearly remembered that she came to us Home for about 2 months, no one taught her this (we taught her how to go to the toilet at most), but she knows how to love me, I love her so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Shuang is absolutely adorable :smile: Sometimes it feels like we don’t deserve pets, such a sweet girl!

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Lucy’s AI image is so appropriate. She looks ready to take on the world! :joy: :earth_americas: