AIPRM Weekly Community Update (6/5/23)

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This is Aaron, back with another thrilling edition of our Weekly Community Update! Brace yourselves for a remarkable lineup of prompts, engaging threads, and shining community stars. Keep your eyes peeled for our new initiatives and a host of exciting events you won’t want to miss!

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Target Audiences with Places by AIPRM

Marketing can be a costly endeavor especially if you don’t know where to allocate your budget. Whether you’re a new shop on the block or feel like your traffic has plateaued it can be valuable to understand how you can reach your potential customers or audience.

:fire: Popular Threads :fire:

  1. Democratic processes to steer behavior of AI by aiprm-christophc

Summary: OpenAI is launching a program to fund experiments in democratic decision-making for AI systems. Granting $100,000 to ten teams or individuals working on this topic, the program requires a public prototype and open-sourced solution by October.

  1. The AI Fear is real by aiprm-christophc

Summary: The potential of AI is often underestimated by intelligent individuals who lack familiarity with its capabilities. Many people hold misconceptions about AI’s creativity, understanding of complex scenarios, and ability to comprehend the bigger picture. However, we are only scratching the surface of what AI can achieve.

Best Answer: “There are parts of this I very much agree with, but also parts that are commonly misunderstood, especially the “unwilling to look for work” part. I’ve certainly had a couple of times of unemployment in my life and not one of those times were in any way comfortable…” - Ammon [Full response]

  1. Do you have a pet? by Aaron-iPR

Summary: AIPRM Community members shared pictures, stories, and AI generated images of their pets.

Best Answer:

A two for one from this thread. Who could choose just one?

Guinea Pig fur babies! from Goddess

50 pets :exploding_head: from Paz_LeBon

:bulb: AIPRM Content and Feature Updates :bulb:

  1. Introducing Teams - Elevate Collaboration to New Heights!

Summary: We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Teams, a game-changing feature that enhances collaboration within our community! Get ready to unleash the power of teamwork and take your prompt engineering to new heights. Unlimited to EVERYONE for a limited time.

Stay updated on the latest AIPRM features, blog posts, and resources available to our community! Visit our Company Information Thread and to explore the benefits of our premium subscription.

:camera_flash: Image Challenge :camera_flash:

Our most recent image prompt challenge is one where we’re asking you to generate an image of “The most famous place on Earth. :earth_africa:

Check out the cool submissions from around the community and join in on the fun.

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