Does AIPRM got app version?

just curious for IOS ?

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Is this version of AIPRM in the App Store affiliated with you?

I tried logging in with the same email address as my paid AIPRM account and it says the email is not listed.

Is the app separate from the Chrome extension?


Why do you recommend people ask for a refund for downloading apps in the Apple app store, but AIPRM will not even consider refunds? It seems incredibly disingenuous. AIPRM needs to improve how it handles customer requests for refunds because its current policy is not productive, and it is the number 1 reason people ultimately cancel their accounts with AIPRM. I understand if this doesn’t seem like an issue for AIPRM, but I promise customers to consider it an issue, and their (mine) opinions matter more than you all imagine.

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your concerns.

At AIPRM, we maintain a no-refunds policy for our subscription services. This decision is in line with our operational framework as a digital service provider. It’s important to note that this policy is consistent across our offerings and is a part of the terms and conditions agreed upon during the subscription process.

Regarding the Apple App Store situation, our advice to seek refunds there is specifically for scenarios involving apps that are not part of or associated with AIPRM. This recommendation is aimed at helping users navigate issues with third-party applications that they might have downloaded thinking they were related to AIPRM, but in reality, are not.

We appreciate your input and are always striving to improve our service and customer experience. If you have any more questions or need further support, please feel free to contact us at