Favorites - Add a "mark as favorite" feature for prompts to make them easy to find

Allow users to mark their favorite prompts so favorites are easier to find and reuse.

It’s already being implemented in the next update. (as announced)

Is there a way to favorite or bookmark a prompt we use often or really like?

I think this would be a very good enhancement to the product. It may already exist. However, I can’t find it…

Currently, I have to copy/paste the prompt name and store it somewhere and then use search in the extension to find it.

Making a “favorites” component would save time and hassle.

I would like a Feature do you could bookmark and save public prompts.

You could add a button to the user Prompts and when clicked on it will start the user Prompt and either save it to “Own Prompts” Tab or create a new Tab for the bookmarked prompt, Something like a “Saved Prompts” Tab. If the user sets the prompt to private it delete it it will also be deleted from anyone who saved that Prompt.

This would Significantly improve user convenience and let you find prompts that you find useful.

  1. Add a new button: Add a new button to the user prompt interface that allows users to bookmark a prompt.

  2. Save to “Saved Prompts” Tab: When the user clicks on the bookmark button, the prompt should be saved to a new “Saved Prompts” tab.

  3. Create a new tab for each bookmarked prompt: Each time a prompt is bookmarked, a new tab should be created for it named something similar to a “Saved Prompts” tab.

  4. Allow users to save public prompts: Users should be able to bookmark and save any public prompts they find useful.

  5. Delete private prompts: If the user who posted the prompt sets it to private, it should be deleted from anyone who has bookmarked it.

By adding these features, users will be able to easily save and access their favorite prompts, which will improve their overall experience with the extension.

This feature was shipped with AIPRM Premium from

This is coming very soon

Create a Favorites button


after like add a heart button that will mark the prompt as a favorite, You can save this in users browser’s local storage.

With that we won’t have to remember or search the prompt always