Forum Rule suggestions

I suggest focusing on creating rules for this forum (guiding users), like alerts or messages appearing to first time users, who don’t know the rules, as they may not check the forum rules topics. (may help saving time moderating/checking for violations)

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This a great suggestion, thank you @RealityMoez

If you have any suggestions on which rules to add or explain better, I am looking forward to reading about it.

When entering the AIPRM Feature Requests category, there will be a pinned highlighted message on top says: “Please check all previously requested features before posting a new one, to avoid your post being closed.

for the same AIPRM Feature Requests category,
another pinned message says: “Note: you have limited number of votes, vote for the most important features.”, as many users can waste their votes in a scenario where there is a lot of requests, due to the lack of this info.

Like this one here now?

That’s the best “banner” I could find.

Maybe there are some Discourse plugins for more intrusive category banners.

Yeah, like that.
Great Job :white_heart:

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Suggestion: a guidance (kind of a tip) can one-time appear for new users.

I highly recommend making a Youtube video as a tutorial for using this Forum. and pin that video forever in main forum page :sweat_smile: (for new users would be a popup or alert message).

As people may not pay attention to read, but to watch a video.

I think this would save you much effort in the future.


That is a very nice idea @RealityMoez

Do you have an idea for a structure, and in which order the rules should be explained?

What are the Top5 rules that I should spent most time explaining?


1 - A quick introduction to the forum for first time viewers (YouTube).

2 - Speak about the forum purpose, which is supposed to be:

  • Request features.
  • Ask questions related to AIPRM and it’s prompt engineering topics.

3 - Guide them through important Categories Rules, and How should they post.

Top Categories:

  • Feature Requests
  • Promote your AIPRM Prompt
  • Prompt Author Questions
  • Prompt User Questions

You can add or modify any of these points.

a 30 (!) minute video is just rendering - thanks @RealityMoez for reminding me about this

We need to find a way to popup that video one-time in the forum for every user :sweat_smile:

I think there is some kind of “welcome message” or so somewhere to configure… don’t remember exactly


It’s coming. 4K Rendering by Youtube probably takes hours still