How can I upgrade my plan?


I still don’t understand the point about the plan upgrade. At the moment I use the AIPRM Pro version, billed annually. But now would like to upgrade to Elite.

Will I be credited or credited for the unused Pro months when I upgrade to Elite?

Same question here: is it possible to upgrade without loosing the whole money already payed? When I activated pro, the only other account was titan. No elite was available.

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Hello @Der_Ringo and @MarkusK

I’m happy to hear that you would like to use the Elite plan, which is a lot more powerful, understandable, than the Pro plan.

Here is how it works in AIPRM,

  1. Upgrading by adding a plan, not replacing
  2. New plan does not mean (partial) refund or credit.
  3. How to cancel your old plan after getting a new one.

This is the 100% identical behavior to how we’ve been selling subscriptions since 2009 in my SaaS LinkResearchTools, for example.

I understand and know that there are some companies who do offer pro-ratios, partial refunds, upgrade/downgrade credits and similar when users switch between plans, and also use a lot of staff for customer invoices, reverse charge, etc. We don’t support any of such complex use cases.

We don’t offer any preliminary contract termination/adoption/migration, to keep things simple and automatable.

Thanks for your understanding.

So if you want to purchase an Elite plan, you can do so, on top of your existing Pro plan.
And I would recommend to do that before the price increase April 17.

You will not “lose” your Pro plan, but have it active for the purchased contract time.

Yes, the Elite plan was launched three days after the Pro plan, but we may be offering yet another plan in the future and that will also not be a reason to do any early contract migrations/terminations/partial/refunds as mentioned above.

Hi, I joined as a Plus subscriber (paid in full for the year) but I would like to upgrade to the monthly Pro tier. Is there an upgrade path I cannot see?

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Hi and welcome @Dr4g0nWulf

We have 2 articles related to upgrading to bigger plans

Thank you, Christoph, so to confirm I can buy the monthly pro subscribtion and get those extra benefits but my plus (I bought the year one, paying up front) will co-exist on the same email with the increase in ‘own’ prompts until the ‘plus’ expires in a year? Confirmation and I will upgrade tonight. BTW great tool to use and it’s even got me into learning prompting, here comes my first million!!


Confirmed, that how it works in AIPRM.

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I really love your service and it has helped me tremendously. I understand that there’s more demand and feedback than you might’ve anticipated and the reasoning and how stacking is beneficial. Yet, as an early adopter in the first few days I saw the value when I signed up for the Pro plan but there wasn’t an Elite plan. So I feel that there should be more consideration when making a new plan only a few days later with new features after the initial launch of paid tiers. Especially when it was less than a week later. I would like access to the prompt features and url crawl but to drop another $50 and not get any credit from initial purchase is a bit much. What guarantees that if I buy the Elite plan that a new tier won’t drop next week with even more features I need? No one wants to be stuck in a perpetual stacking that costs more than just waiting till all the plans are ironed out.


It doesn’t look like new plans for a month or so, if that helps your timing.

Hi, I recently purchased the annual Plus plan. If I wish to upgrade to the next plan, what steps should I take? I have come across information suggesting that I simply need to cancel my current plan and purchase the new one. However, I am concerned about the money I have already paid. Thank you


When you switch to a different subscription plan with AIPRM, nothing is lost. Your initial subscription remains active until the end of its paid period, running alongside your new plan and combining their quotas. This means you retain the full value of your first plan even when upgrading to a higher level.

See also

Thank you. I think it would be most convenient for me to wait until my subscription expires, which is in one year. I have no interest in having both plans simultaneously. Also, I have a question - Is there any way I can access the * AIPRM Verified Prompts? Thanks again

AIPRM Verified Prompts require AIPRM Pro or higher plan, as mentioned here:

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Thanks. Unfortunately I have just purchased the Plus plan. I thought I could upgrade by paying only the price difference. Thanks again

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hello all

I currently have a pro account and paid for the yearly. Is there a way to update to Elite but get “credited” for the amount I have still remaining on my pro account? I tried upgrading but that basically just starts a completely new account at the Elite pricing without taking into consideration that I already “prepaid” for my current year’s pro account (which renews in March 2024)

Of course want to take advantage of the current Elite promotional discount ( BACKTOSCHOOL13) + doing the yearly subsription (does that add further discount?)


Hello, here you can find more information about the upgrade policy:

The yearly cost is essentially equal to 10 times the monthly cost of AIPRM Elite. Therefore, when you apply the coupon code to the yearly plan, you will receive an additional discount on top of this, effectively increasing your savings.


I wanted to do the same with the first plan, but I was told that I had to keep both and using both benefits (something like that) :smiling_face_with_tear:

I just had about 7 days using my first plan and paid the full year :woozy_face:

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Hi, I just prolongated my membership for one year, but recognized afterwards, that I need Elite instead of Pro. Unfortunately it was an annual subscription. If I cancel now, it will not allow me to upgrade until 12 months!?

Kind regards

You can upgrade whenever you want.

If you cancel your AIPRM Pro annual subscription, you will still have the Pro allowances available in your account to use, and the subscription/allowances will expire on the annual expiration date.

I suggest subscribing to the AIPRM Elite, and have both allowances added to your account.

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That is a funny solution - so I have two subscriptions although I only need one - this is not helpful at all. You know this problem since more than one year and didn´t find a solution!?

I would really appreciate it, if you could cancel my Elite subscription and refund my money back as in Europe we have the so called distance selling law and we have 14 days to contradict such contracts.

Thank you

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