How can I upgrade my plan?

You define it as AIPRM’s problem, but it is actually your problem that you didn’t read the terms and conditions you agreed upon when purchased, that you didn’t read the FAQs that already had your concern; which you are complaining of now.

Hence it is not AIPRM’s problem, or AIPRM doesn’t define it as a “problem” at all,
then they don’t have to find a “solution”.


Your GTC must correspond to the country in which you sell your product. As this practice clearly contradicts the Distance Selling Act in Europe, you are acting unlawfully. I can also sue for the money or report this practice to the German authorities. Do you have to escalate if you want something that every small online flower shop can do? One of your bosses is Austrian, he should know the problem!

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And especially as I am not cancelling, but upgrading instead. Do you really think this produces customer´s satisfaction!?

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I advise to contact through, so they can help you.

This exact same thing happened to me as well.

I’m disappointed that AIPRM won’t provide a refund under these circumstances, particularly since I upgraded twice in the same 24-hour period to a level above its most popular. Users are not clearly made aware of the stacked plans.

AND, I just did it again — clicked Upgrade from my account window — to see what would happen and did NOT get the pop-up window this time either. So there is no way to know I will be charged for upgrading until I’ve already upgraded.

Yes, the terms and conditions are buried in a small-print link, but that isn’t acceptably enough in the modern age of SaaS-based retail.

Upgrades online are a simple matter with clear and simple expectations. The term itself, upgrade, implies a higher level of service for an additional fee, not an additional service.

Sven, I’m glad to see your post and and sorry that others have run into this as well. I love the AIPRM product, but the organization needs to evolve its customer service.


Let’s be real here…

It is essential to understand that as a user, the responsibility of being aware of a SaaS’s billing terms and conditions prior to making any purchase rests solely with you. It is not reasonable to overlook these terms and then attribute the resulting consequence to the SaaS.

The “terms and conditions” and “FAQs” are provided on the same page where is the “Subscribe” button. Taking a few moments to read these could have prevented the misconception you’re currently facing.

While we can acknowledge that user alerts for rushed purchases could be a beneficial option, this does not absolve the user of their responsibility to understand what they are purchasing.

Regarding your point on upgrades, each plan indeed offers additional services or features. This could mean a new feature, even a new SaaS in one feature alone, or a new quota limit.
This is the essence of an “Upgrade”. The stacking policy simply means different plans add on to each other with the added services, features and quota.

Tell me, you don’t want to understand the point, do you? The deselection of the 14-day cancellation right is not to be actively ticked. This is not permitted in the EU, for example. Apart from that, your understanding of service providers is very poor and regardless of the quality of the product, this will mean that your company will never make it big if you don’t change your attitude.


I appreciate your feedback and understand your concerns about the upgrade process and the refund policy.

Upgrading your AIPRM account to a more comprehensive plan is straightforward. You simply purchase the new, larger plan and then cancel your current one. This approach allows you to access the expanded range of features and resources offered by the bigger plan. It’s designed to be a smooth transition, helping you maximize your results with AIPRM.

AIPRM’s policy states that pro-rata or partial refunds are not available. This applies even in scenarios where you are upgrading to a bigger plan. The decision to upgrade should be considered carefully, understanding that refunds for the remaining period of your current plan are not an option under AIPRM’s terms.

I hope this information helps clarify the upgrade process and AIPRM’s policies regarding refunds. If you have further questions or need assistance, please feel free to reach out to AIPRM’s customer support for more detailed guidance.

I don’t want to argue, just want to help. All you have to do is look at this thread and see that your approach to upgrades is unexpected and frustrating. This can’t be good for you.

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This is a terrible response. Your adversarial stance toward a well-paying customer is awful. Sven has a point that you all refuse to acknowledge that when customers are prompted to “upgrade,” it is not clear to customers that they are upgrading the same account but instead are creating an entirely new account and essentially paying extra for two accounts instead of keeping everything together in one account with the option to split capabilities or whatnot. AIPRM is deceptive regarding how customers can “upgrade” their accounts, and this isn’t up for debate - your customers are literally telling you that your platform is not clear about these facts.

If it were as straightforward and clear as you claim, customers would not constantly complain about this issue. AIPRM has a serious “tone-deaf” problem. At no point in the “upgrade” process is it clear and obvious to customers that they should seriously consider canceling their old account since they are now purchasing a new account instead of simply upgrading the current one, like every other SaaS company on the planet. Your arrogance is astounding - doing something different than every other SaaS company and then chastising customers for not reading every single word of fine print on a website before making a purchase so that they’re aware of this dynamic is absolutely incredible. Good luck with that public relations approach, guys; it’s a great look for AIPRM.

Thank you for your feedback.

I’d like to clarify that when you choose to upgrade your AIPRM subscription, you are not creating a new account but adding a new subscription. This process, known as “plan stacking,” allows you to use and combine the allowances of both plans. It’s designed to offer more flexibility and options tailored to your specific needs.

If you find that the additional subscription isn’t necessary, you have the option to cancel the other plan. However, please note that AIPRM maintains a no-refunds policy, as stated on our FAQs, help articles, and pricing page.

We strive to make our policies and procedures as transparent as possible. In fact, when you attempt to purchase multiple subscriptions in a short period, we provide a notice to confirm and explain that you already have an active subscription. This is part of our effort to ensure our customers make informed decisions.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we are committed to continuous improvement based on customer input. If you have any more questions or require further clarification about your account, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team at