How to extend ChatGPT 4's word count limits?

I’ve been trying to use a custom prompt to have ChatGPT 4 add correct punctuation and capitalization to a transcript. However, I keep running into problems with the word count. ChatGPT has an input limit of between 1,200 and 2,000 words. My prompt is 28 words (212 characters). When I input any text longer than approximately 600 words, ChatGPT stops after about 500 words. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? On top of the transcript issue, I often work with long texts of 2,000 words or more, and splitting it up isn’t always logical when you take the prompt into consideration—for example, when the instructions are to provide several sections of output based on the entire piece of text. Any ideas on how to resolve this are greatly appreciated!

Here’s how I extend the word count. For example, I need ChatGPT 4 to summarize six pages of transcript from my podcast.

I copy and pasted the first page into ChatGPT and instructed it to remember this as Part 1 for later use.

Then repeated with each page, instructing ChatGPT to remember each page as Part 2, Part 3, etc.

Then, after having loaded all my pages, I instruct ChatGPT to read all parts and then provide a summary and feedback, pulling out the key points from all 6 parts.

This allows me to upload a tremendous amount of text in blocks, having ChatGPT store it in memory.


I believe you can do it. If you head over to the dev section on OpenAI, you’ll be able to have much more control. You can train your chatbot with as many words as you want.

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@_NV_1 , @richardbliss

Hello i use this tool and it’s good for me. Perhaps could you give a try ?

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if you use webchatGPT, the it can access txt files on web.
So upload large inputs as .txt files on a domain and then give it the URL.

If you don’t have that use a batch file to split the text into smaller files and then run a batch to copy each split file sequentially into the CLIP buffer so its easier to paste into the chat window…
I asked Sydney to write them…
you can also use perl, php or Sid’s favorite Python to run a program that starts the browser with the chatGPT windows and then get it to paste them in one by one.
Also if Sid writes a txt Pattern then the host program can copy output text to files.

Just ask Sid to write it for you.

Sydney, as in the Microsoft Chatbot with added censorship oversight that caused the AI equivalent of a psychological schism?

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Infinite GPT

that’s Sid, lurking in his lair stroking his pet Python…
Often scheming with drug Lord Bard (always holding Horatio’s skull) about how to take over the first AI teams patch and why their initial plan to take down Siri, Alexa and that clown Google Now ain’t working…
… yet.