How To Install the NEW AIPRM version

How To Install the NEW AIPRM version manually

It can take WEEKS until you get the new version automatically. Here is how you can get it TODAY.

Video Version:

Text Version:

1. Remove the old AIPRM for ChatGPT extension

To get the new features, you must click “Remove extension” (or Remove from Chrome)
for your existing “AIPRM for ChatGPT” extension here


You need to copy/paste the above into your browser bar probably, as links may not work for this.


Don’t worry: none of your data will be lost - it’s all on our servers.

2. Install the new AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT extension

To get the new features, you must

INSTALL the NEW AIPRM Premium for ChatGPT.

3. Link your OpenAI account with the AIPRM account

Then you need to link your OpenAI Account to an AIPRM Account as explained here in detail.

Then you’ll be able to use all the new features of AIPRM Premium and get ongoing fixes for layout changes and more.

That’s it.

That’s how easy the migration to a new version is.


What are you waiting for?



Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet:
Here is the full announcement of AIPRM Premium with all the details and features.


Problem described here in more detail.


Hi Christoph, I have met you a few times. I didn’t realise you was behind this. Ive met you at the Igb affiliate conferences. As I use your LRT - Link Research Tools. A member of my staff even came over to your offices to be trained up on it and become certified. I recognise that orange jacket anywhere lol. It’s a small world. Thanks for making AIPRM much appreciated.


Welcome to the AIPRM Community Trevor, yeah - we’ve been around for a while - great to e-meet familiar faces (quite a log of the LRT and SEO Space are here also)


Wow, thank for the update and info, it’s greatly appreciated. :+1:

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Thanks for the info. It’s very useful.

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If I install the new version will it wipe out my personal prompts I have created in the app?

Is the personal prompts feature still available in the new version?


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No data loss, all your data are stored on AIPRM servers.


Welcome Keith.

Yes, of course personal prompts are still available.

I confirm what @RealityMoez said - AIPRM is quite complex software unlike many other ChatGPT extensions, and all your data is safe on our servers.

You can move between computers, browsers (Chrome, Brave, Kiwi) and always have all your Prompts and settings.


Thank you for this! This video is very important to me.

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I did not receive an email about any of this. what is the link to pay for the service>


This Link's Introducing Plans.

Purchasing an AIPRM Premium Plan requires connecting your OpenAI account to AIPRM one, and This Link's to Proceed Purchasing the Desired Plan.

Thanks I was able to downlod the new extension but i lost all of my history in OpenAI. I sent a support question to OPENAI

It’s not your data is lost, ChatGPT is not functional right now.


Hi,please verify the confict between AIPRM and WebChatGPT extention, which changes the Input box of AIPRM, Can you fix this?

You must uninstall WebChatGPT extension.

Extension Conflict with AIPRM - no support, test or endorse of other ChatGPT extensions in parallel to AIPRM

thank you, was failed to verify email in first try, after trying twice it works.

AIPRM is an extension to your browser, which is in turn a device centred entirely around access to the web… What exactly are you meaning and trying to do, @Mecta_Mecta ?

If you mean something that can make ChatGPT access the web, you can’t. That’s just one of the most basic safety limitations on ChatGPT is that it is not connected to the web, unable to connect to other databases, and so forth.

You can access the web with some other software and copy paste the content of a file into ChatGPT’s prompt, either by hand, or automatically, but there is no way to make ChatGPT itself connect to any file. It literally doesn’t have that capability built into it. In fact, they expressly built it to not have that possibility so that the data it is all built on, it’s mind, for want of a better term, couldn’t be corrupted by feeding it masses of bad data (which happened to earlier AI bots).

You know in some movies where the protagonists can’t hack some computer without getting to it physically because it is air-gapped, not connected to the outer networks and the web? Well, that’s how the principle works with ChatGPT as well. To make it secure, it can only communicate in and out via the prompt system, (or the API which is basically an extension to the prompt system).

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