AIPRM Update March 19, 2023

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

As you can imagine we’re quite busy after the launch of AIPRM Premium on Thursday

Lots of work also went into our YouTube channel.

I’m quoting that article because a few of the 665,000 users missed it,

if you’re happy with your current AIPRM experience, you can continue to use it as a free user!

No pressure, no commitments. However, if you want to take your writing to new heights, AIPRM Premium Plans are the way to go.

There’s a new software version fixing problems and providing functionality for both the free and paid users.


Payment is not required to use it, but possible, as explained in the AIPRM Premium launch post.

A tiny part of the 665,000 users also expressed their inconvenience that we’re offering paid plans on top of the enormous free offering,

forgetting that AIPRM provides all those fascinating prompts with hours/days/weeks of work to ALL users.

That’s all still there, without payment; check it out.

Here’s some helpful content we created over the last few days for you:

A Quick Introduction to AIPRM Community Forum

We moved away from Facebook just two weeks ago, and it’s amazing how valuable content, discussion, and engagement we have in the Community forum. We couldn’t be happier about leaving Facebook, and those who said, “this is the end of AIPRM if you’re not in a FB group,” were wrong; that’s clear.

But, there’s so much to offer that we had the request to provide a guided tour about the community forum, where to find and post what, and a lot about the philosophy there.

No TLDR here except enjoy & learn.

AIPRM Verified Prompts: The Key to Your Success

A few users asked about the reason and value of the AIPRM Verified Prompt offer, so we procuded a video also, in addition to the existing written descriptions.

So how can AIPRM Verified Prompts help you?

If you’re tired of scrolling through endless prompts for your work, AIPRM Verified Prompts are here to save the day.

With over 2000 prompt templates available on AIPRM, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one.

That’s where AIPRM Verified Prompts come in.

Our team of prompt engineers reviews and tests each prompt to ensure its quality, taking the hassle out of the process.

We hope you find the video helpful.

1001 Paying Customers in AIPRM

After 52 hours, we reached 1001 paying customers, and my team and I couldn’t be more proud. That’s a considerable achievement.

In that post, I share a couple of the heat and complaints we got, but the key point is - the premium offer is a fit for many users.

Now we can take it to the next level and consider implementing a lot of the more complex feature requests for business use cases; that will be awesome!

New AIPRM Elite Plan

Based on user feedback, we launched a new plan yesterday already - AIPRM Elite.

There are indeed power users among you that need the extra but are not ready for AIPRM Titan.

So we’re happy to offer that.

You can buy it on top of existing plans, like all other upgrades, and we have the same discount logic for an annual plan.

With this, we also stopped offering the $2/month Basic plan, which was rarely purchased (only ca. 3%). It was also just a test, eating more than 50% in fees alone, and has not found enough resonance to keep. Those few existing $2 plans will be honored, of course.

You can still buy the Basic plan with an annual commitment at $22 + tax via the link below the pricing page.

Billing & Account FAQ

While supporting some edge and error cases, we could develop some help content already.

It’s unnecessary to read it “cover to cover,” but I also wanted to share this with you.

Only use 1 Account in AIPRM & Stripe

One mistake we found was that some users signed up with EmailA but then purchased with EmailB for the credit card Stripe.

Then the account remained inactive.

That was another type of “Account Linking” we didn’t plan to support, so please use 1 Email for that.

We documented this in full here.

Status Page

Also worth mentioning is our status page, that we haven’t mentioned in an email so far.

In addition to ongoing monitoring we communicate outages or maintenances we planned there.

Those messages get also posted to our Twitter account, which you could follow also.

We you hope you this update interesting and helpful.

Please let me know if you have further questions, and we will be happy to help.

Best regards,

Christoph C. Cemper
and the team of

PS: in case you missed it, we also have whole section with Training Material prepared for you here.

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