I just subscribed to AIPRM pro but i cannot access

I just subscribed to AIPRM pro but i can access
Its saying Upgrade AIPRM Account

To use the AIPRM Verified Prompts list, you must subscribe to the AIPRM Pro plan or higher.

can anybody guide me how to disconnect it with our openai account so may be if connect again it will work and is this tool good?


Welcome Gill.

Can you please mail us details about your account in support?

Some typical isuses we found, documented:

We found what looks like your account (please confirm Email/Account Details)
and confirm purchase of AIPRM PRO.

We will investigate this, fix it if broken of course
and get back to you ASAP!

Thanks for your patience.

i sent the email, i just want to change my aiprm account in chatgpt because it is assosiated with free version and i want to add the pro plan account


Yes we can confirm this problem, which is not supported at the moment.

Here’s a summary and recommendation, for now

ok if i purchased again will you refund me for my another email?

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ok if i purchased again will you refund me for my another email?

Yes absolutely.

As we say here.

while we have code for this problem ready in development it’s not ready for users, yet, so this way makes most sense for now

ok i purchased and sent email for refund, it is working now thanks

That’s amazing. Thanks for your understanding. The refund is done now.

I’m having the same issue here. Purchased premium, all of my e-mails are the same, however I can’t access the Premium features. It might have broken due to having the original and the premium extension installed simultaneously, or not having fully granted access to the extension before linking. Not sure, either way can’t access the features and it keeps asking for a subscription.


Sorry to hear that, did you mail all details to support for investigation?

I also purchased a pro account using my usual gmail address - I received a notification of a credit card purchase but got no notice/receipt from OpenAI/AIPRM acknowledging my purchase. I’m still showing as a basic user but if I try to upgrade to pro it simply crashes.
I sent an email to support but haven’t heard back (I imagine things are a bit crazy at the moment).


There are two major crises that have struck today that are creating a lot of ‘customer support’ contacts, and the worst irony is that neither of those are actually an AIPRM issue at all.

The first is that OpenAI has gone offline (servers down) repeatedly, this morning (EU timezones) for around 4 hours and again a couple of hours ago I believe. It’s some technical issue at their end, and literally nothing to do with us, though if they have to update their code to fix the crashes, it might mean an update to their API and that AIPRM will have to do a quick update too. The OpenAI outages have been making news on major news portals all over the world.

The second is that Google set limits on several of their APIs, including the ones that we use to Authenticate. AIPRM started the process to upgrade these limits several weeks ago, seeing just how fast people were signing up, but despite this being technically as simple as someone just needing to tick a box on a form or interface, weeks later AIPRM is still waiting for attention. To companies like Google, dealing with millions of actions per hour on their systems, our issues regarding the differences between 10,000 tokens per day, or 20,000 or 100,000, are seen as ‘small time’ issues - so the rapid take-up of AIPRM premium plans has had them blast through that 10,000 ‘tokens’ a day limit several times, and be unable to get Google to handle any more. AIPRM are doing everything in their power to expediate the process, and get anyone at Google to manually sort it out, but so far we’re just still in the behemoth’s processing queue.

I would add a 3rd crisis @Ammon @RealityMoez

Many users linked their AIPRM with a “Free Gmail Account”
and then later went into AIPRM with a “Company Google Account”
and then the purchase under the Company Google Account of course could not be attributed to the Free Gmail Account.

We now developed, tested, documented and deployed a solution with new functions for users to disconnect the faulty setup
and then log in with the “Company Google Account” again to link their AIPRM and the Extension fully

Here is a 1st version of help article, full of typos probably.

It is absolutely required, that the same Google Account is used for Payment and for Linking AIPRM to OpenAI.

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A post was merged into an existing topic: AIPRM UI broken by ChatGPT Update September 16, 2023