I upgraded but it keeps asking I upgrade

I took advantage (or was I taken advantage of???) of an offer to subscribe to chatgpt/openai last week. I subscribed for a year ($220). The company listed on my credit card says AIPRM, CORP and AIPRM, CORP. HTTPSWWW.AIPRDE. Tonight I was looking at my chatgpt account and noticed it asked I upgrade because I have the free account. Did I miss something? Did I buy something else? Help… Thanks Richard

Hmmm, well, if I’m not mistaken, I was using ChatGPT when I decided to upgrade. Now I’m really confused because i was hoping to have better access to ChatGPT and from what you’re saying, I don’t know what I paid for! I’m lost.

Well, you say that your credit card statements say you paid for a premium plan with the AIPRM browser extension, which adds a lot of functionality to ChatGPT, but does NOT give you a premium plan with ChatGPT. They are two separate things that can be used together.

If you also subscribe to ChatGPT Plus, that will be shown on your statements as a payment to OpenAI.

The OpenAI plus account gives you slightly better access to ChatGPT (except when their servers are down, of course) in regards to how much access to it you are allowed.

The AIPRM premium plans all add extra functionality to AIPRM according to which plan.

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well I am in the same boat I pay 20 bucks for chatgpt plus and I just paid 29 dollars for AIPRM preium whatever its called and the prompts are there but when I go to select various features I am asked to upgrade not to mention AIPRM is not even accessible keeps asking me to verfy my email which I did 400 times by now What gives!

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Well, you are not in the same boat then. If you’d read what you were agreeing with, you’d have seen that the poster you claim to be the same as wasn’t subscribed to ChatGPT Plus, and wasn’t having any issues with his email.

I’m not customer support, and not even an employee of AIPRM, simply a moderator of this community forum trying to ensure it is maintained as a useful resource. However, to get value and help from this resource, you have to do your part in trying to calmly and clearly explain what you need help with.

If a piece of software keeps asking for the same thing over and over, then it means it is not getting that thing. Your verification isn’t ‘sticking’ with the software itself. The most likely cause of that is generally that of accounts not being correctly linked.

First check this: https://help.aiprm.com/hc/en-us/articles/13836613180817-2-Different-Emails-for-Account-Linking-and-Account-Paying

Then check this: How to Link Your OpenAI to AIPRM account

Once you are absolutely sure you’ve got that side of stuff covered, and if the problem remains, contact customer support via hello@aiprm.com and include as much clear detail as possible, including any relevant screenshots that show what you’ve already checked, etc.


yep I mis read the op problem my fault however if it is 2 email issue I cant see it I have followed step by step instructions and I see from various other reports this is a common issue right now hope it gets fixed or there is a clear indication of how to fix it. thanks for replying