Important updates to AIPRM Privacy Policy & Terms March 15, 2023 (and Version

We have updated the Terms of Use for the AIPRM Browser Extension,on the website related to AIPRM Premium plans offered soon, and corrected an error related to “having access to all web pages”.

Important updates March 15, 2023 (and Version

  • Erratum: Previous versions of these terms declared that “The Browser Extension will have access to all web pages you open through the browser where the Browser Extension is installed.” which was never correct. The Browser Extension only ever had access to the web pages on and* as defined in the security Manifest submitted to Google. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused. AIPRM was not and is not collecting or even selling web surfing behavior.

  • AIPRM Account Linking: while prior versions did not need personally identifiable information (PII), with the new versions starting from we allow users to link their OpenAI account to an account created with AIPRM (the “AIPRM Account”), using their Google account credentials. This leads to AIPRM storing Email, Name and Birthday and Avatar URL of the user.

Both are now clarified in the terms of use for the browser extension.


When is the new version coming out? Can we update allready?

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AIPRM Premium Plans launched

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