AIPRM Account Linking

Moving forward many advanced features will require Account Linking.

Account Linking means

  • You log into OpenAI - using the OpenAI Account
  • You log into AIPRM - using a Google Account - in the backend
  • We then connect your Google Account to your OpenAI profile in AIPRM

Information we will use from your Google Account
is a minimum of what we need to provide our services, and identify users also for legal purposes.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Birthdate (for age verifications)
  • Avatar URL if you have one, so we can show you a nice pic of yourself in the app

You will still be able to use parts of AIPRM fully anonymous, but all features that require us storing data for your require an AIPRM account then, as we have announced it already 2 months ago.

You will also the need to verify your email adress with us, with a click.

Moving forward we will use your Account details also for our internal administration.

It would be useful, if the Google Account that you connect with AIPRM is the same Google Account that you used to connect to this Community Forum.