Is it possible to view the actual prompt of a preset?

Question in the subject. So is it?

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Try going to a different chat and when you come back it’ll show the whole prompt.


EVERYONE can see your public prompt template

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In the same vein, you can press F5 (refresh the page). And voilà! You’ve got it.

Bonus: you’ve got the url in the address bar too when refreshing the page.

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Awesome thank you guys!

oh? i will chech that out once its up and running again thanks

Why do I need to take this extra step? And, Pressing F5 means I have to end this chat.

I hope my prompt is copyable, editable, so that I can chat with ai fluently, NOT need to switch to another website to find the original prompt. I think there is no point in keeping the mysterious of prompt .

This is coming soon