Issue with Team Subscription Activation and Missing Purchase Invoice

Hello, We recently upgraded to a team subscription with two licenses from OpenAI but are facing two major issues:

  1. Subscription Not Activated: Despite successful transactions for the subscription, our accounts are still on the free version. We’ve checked our account settings but see no indication of the team subscription being active.
  2. Invoice Missing:We cannot find the purchase invoice on the OpenAI portal, which is essential for our records and further communication with OpenAI support.
  3. I’ve raised the concern to No response on that yet.

We’re seeking advice on:

  • Similar experiences and solutions.
  • Effective ways to resolve these issues with OpenAI support.

Any guidance or insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

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ChatGPT is operated by OpenAI Inc., AIPRM is operated by AIPRM, Corp. Kindly continue to reach out OpenAI

But, if you are referring to your AIPRM subscription, make sure your ChatGPT OpenAI account is connected to the correct AIPRM account and displays the correct AIPRM Account Level. You can check this by clicking on the “Your AIPRM Account” link in ChatGPT. Steps are here - How to Link Your OpenAI to AIPRM account

Alternatively, you can contact us at by using the email you connected or purchased with AIPRM, so that we can guide you further.

About the invoice, if you meant AIPRM invoice, follow the steps here -