Live Crawling doesn't work at all

I just subscribed to the Elite version, but the live crawling feature is not working. When I enter the URL in the format “https://*****.com/” and press enter, I get the message:

“Live Crawling of ‘[The URL I entered]’ failed. Please try again later.” It doesn’t work at all. I’ve tested it with multiple websites (English sites), and it hasn’t worked even once.

What should I do?

To help diagnose anything, you need to

a) give us the prompt - via prompt link if its public
b) give us the URL you tried to crawl

This is the prompt I tried

I have tested numerous URLs, including Wikipedia, select articles on CNN, and various blogs.
Unfortunately, all attempts and URLs have resulted in failure.

It appears you don’t have an account with the email you are using here.

Of course then these prompts wouldn’t work.

Maybe this is a situation of mixed-up Email addressed also.

Can you please identify with your AIPRM Account Email that has the Elite account active in hello @ for further investigation?

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I think I entered a different email when checking out.

I sent an email to hello @

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I am experiencing issues with my elite account as live crawling is not working despite being properly connected.

I paid for the elite account specifically for live crawling and it has been frustrating to not be able to use it for several days now.

I have emailed with a video file but have not received a response, hence my inquiry here.

I am wondering if others are also experiencing issues with live crawling or if it is just me.

And It’s not an account issue, I can’t even type a URL through that prompt if I’m not connected to a paid account in the first place.

I understand your frustration and appreciate your patience in this matter. We’ve tested the Live Crawling feature using the same articles and prompt template you provided in your email. We haven’t found any issues, yet - and it appears to be functioning correctly.

We suspect that it may be related to your network, VPN, or a similar factor. Our team is already in touch with you investigating the cause of the problem.


Same issue here

I still haven’t resolved my issue. Either I have to cancel my subscription or lower my plan. Due to the intense competition among AI companies, such features have become child’s play. So please don’t waste your time like me trying to solve it… I have tried many methods, but it hasn’t been resolved and the feedback is very slow. Moreover, with the rapid development of AI, there are plenty of good alternatives available at this price.

What solution did you choose ?