Number of Premium Prompts

The list of premium prompts seems quite low for what we are paying. Will there be a steady increase in the number of premium prompts? I would like to see more in the copywriting section. More PHP prompts would be nice.

I would like to be a contributor to premium prompts at some point. I will be making some more soon. I only have the one PPC one that you said would be considered.


Yes, but Quality over Quantity.

We’ve just managed to roll out the required Core Feature “Prompt Forking” to implement that clean.


It’s all the human review needed to select those few that is the costly part, @Ogletree, and thus something that wouldn’t be feasible for free. Especially as the tool userbase keeps growing and growing, and so the number of prompts submitted and listed grows commensurately.

What is “Prompt Forking”

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I’m sorry if you thought I meant I wanted something for free. I was just talking about what I’m getting for $20 as opposed to $5 or $10. It just seems you have transitioned into making a tool for advanced prompt engineers. I get it most tool companies have little interest in lower paying tiers. It is a lot easier to maintain a small group of high paying customers than dealing with a bunch of $20 a month people. So far I am getting value from it. If you had a $30 tier with more premium prompts I would pay that. I just want more premium prompts. I might eventually need an advanced prompt tool, but I don’t right now.

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Don’t worry, it’s not some sickening new trend on PornHub :grin: - Forking is programmer/hacker talk for where a piece of code gets split into two different ongoing developments - the upgrade or development path forks into two different directions.

Prompt Forking is where instead of other types of code, you take a prompt and ‘fork’ its future path, offering a new path of development to it.

a feature where you click on an existing prompt and it creates a new personal prompt that you can modify. Basically a shortcut from cutting and pasting.


No worries David, and no, that was not at all my assumption. I’m simply trying to explain that it costs the same to manually review a thousand prompts and decide that only 50 of them are really, really impressive as it would take to review a thousand prompts where the quality was higher and 200 of them met that mark, or indeed the same time and effort as reviewing a thousand prompts and eventually deciding that none of them quite met the quality level to be ‘specially selected’, see?

In other words, the more truly great, really robust and well-formed prompts are created, the more the list will grow. But the cost is the cost of reviewing to make that selection, regardless of what percentage (or total number) passed or failed.


We have plumbers, real-estate agents and mechanics on the AIPRM Elite, to give just a few examples.

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I understand that it takes time. That is why I want more premium prompts because i don’t have the time right now to do the same thing for myself. I was hoping that $20 would pay AIPRM to have more premium prompts. I probably should have been more polite and asked if you knew the timetable to adding more premium prompts. I have already had more value than the $20 I already paid. I’m just impatient and want more. If i had more time to make my own prompts I would pay for the higher tier for the tools to do that.

I was using the term loosely since it is not actually a real profession or at least not a very big one. I just meant people who are writing their own prompts. The only reason for the higher tiers is to write your own prompts.


Hard to believe, but it has only been 7 days since AIPRM Premium launched. Extremely hard because I know we’ve already had thousands of people subscribe to various plans (and naturally, a proportion of them have had problems or difficulties, and needed some support).

In addition to that, we had the 2+1 Crises - and you know that OpenAI’s outage means the AIPRM support was flooded with stuff we couldn’t do anything about and were just as affected by and victims of. The AIPRM team have fought so many fires this week that they deserve medals - possibly Purple Heart ones. :rofl:

And despite all of that, AIPRM has managed a couple of updates and fixes, and work on new features on top. I promise you, they haven’t been sitting on their hands or twiddling their thumbs, and what they have done, in just a week, is almost insane. They all deserve a round of applause - and a holiday they aren’t gonna get. :smiley:

But yeah, you get it. That time-saving of not having to try a dozen prompts only to find that some of them just don’t work as expected, or aren’t right for your needs, is exactly what the Verified Prompts list is all about. AIPRM are absolutely committed to it, and to keep on reviewing all prompts for quality, selecting the very best, to save you the time of doing so.

It’s a certainty that, as things grow, so will the team handling stuff, which is exactly why AIPRM needed to start making some money, to fund that expansion and development. I know you get this.

But Dave, it has been a week! It takes longer than that (usually months) to recruit good new people, have a little patience mate. :smiley:

I get it. I was being impatient. Sorry.

Talking about more verified prompts …

Try to verify my prompt please :rofl:

Thank you for your explanation


Agreed. The existing templates are a good start but more directed to copywriting will definitely be welcome.


I paid for this and it’s really a shame that there isn’t a translation related prompt word

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