Prompt Challenge: The most famous place on earth. 🌏

:earth_africa: Let’s have some fun this Friday.

Calling all of the talented prompt engineers!

We’re back at it again with another exciting image challenge for you that will transport us to “The most famous place on earth.” Let your imagination run wild and craft a captivating prompt that will inspire incredible images representing the iconic location your choice. :camera_flash:

:pushpin: Challenge: Write a prompt to create an image of “The most famous place on earth” :earth_asia:

:thinking: Here are some suggestions to shape your prompt:

  • Imagine the most renowned landmark or destination that captures the essence of being globally recognized.
  • Describe the elements, colors, or emotions you envision when picturing this iconic place.
  • Consider the composition, lighting, and artistic techniques that would effectively convey the grandeur and significance of this famous place.
  • If you’ve got any cool personal stories about the location please don’t be afraid to share!

:bulb: We can’t wait to see how these images turn out!

Be sure to share your image along with the prompt you used for creation.

Remember, this challenge is all about having fun, inspiring each other, and capturing the heart and soul of “The most famous place on earth” through our lenses. Let’s get to it! :earth_africa:

Here’s my crack it lol

Prompt: Christ the Redeemer at night time with lots of moonlight and the aurora lights

This one I tried with the Adobe Firefly Beta. I’ll probably tinker with the prompt a bit to see if I can get some even cooler results to share.

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Maybe it’s US-centric, but I went with Times Square at night. Iconic. I grew up in New Jersey about an hour from the NYC and spent many days in Times Square. My father was in the tourism industry, so growing up every now and again, a connection would hook him up with tickets to a Broadway Show. Many great memories.

Here’s the prompt using MidJourney: /imagine prompt:A digital photograph using a DSLR. Neon lights, cinematic, looking up at Times Square in NYC at night --ar 3:2 --no words


I still remember the first time I went into Times Square with my family as a kid. We went to the Toys R Us store and got a chance to ride the ferris wheel inside. That first time felt like I was entering a different world lol

i pictured the statue of Liberty tho Im not American. More emblamatic than Tamworth Castle tho :slight_smile: OOhh, Marbella Arch could be a candidate hehe

That’s a great call with the Statue of Liberty. With the US being so big, it’s easy to think of a ton of landmarks. On the West Coast the Hollywood sign and the Golden Gate Bridge are fun options. I lived in San Francisco for 6 years and that city holds a special place in my heart.

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Mine too, Ozzie lives there :slight_smile:

Never been to San Fran but everyone that I know who has been has loved it.

Definitely adding to my travel list!

I had a surreal moment in Times Square in 1993. Twas the Storm of the Century and at 1 am in the morning I stood as the snow fell and looked around. I was the only person in Times Square. I don’t believe that that has ever happened and I was chosen. It’s still surreal to this day. I have pretty much never really told that story before and those I’ve told don’t get it.


You definitely experienced an incredible moment.

As a New Yorker born and raised, I’d love to have Times Square to myself in the snow. Sounds like a dream world :snowflake: :cityscape:

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Cave of Crystals -Giant Crystal Cave
Naica’s crystal cave or “Cave of Crystals” aka The Naica Mine of the Mexican state of Chihuahua.
One of the great places of this planet. 290 meters underground, discovered in 2000 after pumping out magma super heated waters from a section of an existing zinc/silver mine. Some of the largest natural crystals ever found. The largest is 11.40 metres (37.4 ft), with a volume of about 5 cubic metres (180 cu ft), and an estimated mass of 12 tonnes, taking over 1 million years to grow. The 50c temperatures and 90% humidity are so high that you were limited to a brief 20 minute visit. Scientists announced the discovery of bacteria found in inclusions embedded in some of the crystals which are not closely related to anything in the known genetic databases.
Don’t start planning your visit though, unfortunately the cost to keep the pumps running that removed the equivalent of an Olympic sized swing pool every 40 minutes was too great, and the cave was allowed to re-flood in 2015.

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