RULE: AIPRM is not interested in Promoting Your "Affiliate Offer"

Just like we are not interested in selling web user behavior we are not interested in selling other product offers, consulting, “cross-promos” or simply that scammy MLMs you push on LinkedIn.

Not in the community, and not in AIPRM.

We’ve been around for decades so can smell your spam/scam/snake-oil from 10 miles away.

We get a lot requests from people who

  • consider AIPRM a “great match”, a “good complement”, to
  • sell THEIR product,
  • even consider themselves “Top-Something” hot shots and have a “powerful community” and other empty promises.

Guess what, a viral success gathering 500k+ users in 2 months is a “great match” for almost for everyone - but especially our valued Prompt Engineers and the benefits they get.

Plus, those that need to introduce themselves as Top-Whatever are the opposite in all cases I know. This is not LinkedIn, nobody is interested in your self-marketing or MLM offers.

That means

  • No, we’re not going to join your affiliate program.
  • No, we’re not going to sell you traffic or links.
  • No, we’re not going to put your stuff somewhere in AIPRM or the AIPRM Community.

If we catch you blatantly selling your product or affiliate links, we’ll remove your spam and your account from both the Community and AIPRM itself.

If you consider yourself important/smart/knowledgeable, then we want to see your great results, and not some hollow (even ChatGPT generated) spam.

Your “great results” - as relevant to AIPRM - would only be great Prompts, developed, published according to our Public Prompt Guidelines and voted up by our Community.

Nothing else matters here really.

That’s it - that’s what AIPRM is about - sharing knowledge about AI Prompts, ChatGPT and Prompt Engineering skills.

If you just came here to sell us your products, you’re in the wrong place.

Related discussions about e.g. Marketing, SEO, Tech are all fine - if related to AI, ChatGPT and AIPRM Prompts.

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This is highly relevant to everyone mailing/DM-ing us about their oh-so-great matching product.

It is also relevant to offers promoted via Author Links, which are sometimes very questionable, too, and get extra attention and clean up as announced earlier.