What's in it for me? Benefits for Prompt Engineers publishing on AIPRM

While the AIPRM guidelines are very detailed on the benefits of Prompt Engineers publishing their Prompts to the public, here’s a quick summary

AIPRM is built on a prompt sharing idea, where EVERYONE can see your prompts, learn, improve, contribute back.

If that community idea is not enough for you, here’s another good reason:

1/ High traffic from Author Links

If you have a popular prompt template ranking in AIPRM, you will be able to earn 100s of clicks from it from highly engaged ChatGPT users.


It is your responsibility what to make out of that.

As you can read in the guidelines here

  • You can promote your company or business with your URL by linking to an URL
    • explaining the Prompt
    • giving examples of how to use the Prompt
    • also, about your business or company
    • nobody is interested in landing on some random article or a list of blog posts.
    • UNTIL you have this ready, a link to your company homepage is acceptable, but we’ll enforce this rule stricter later.
  • Tracking parameters (&utm_….) are OK.
  • The following types of links are NOT allowed.
    • Any direct affiliate links
    • Any unrelated links, e.g., to your Forex-Trading Service or Diet Pill store. Seriously? Do you want to do some cookie stuffing for your black hat affiliate from ChatGPT users? If you expected that to convert, you have to start somewhere else.
    • Any links that directly install software, extensions, malware, virus
    • Any kind of link to an offering that’s obviously not related to you, your Prompt, ChatGPT, AIPRM.

Some people are trying to spam people with links to MLMs, Casinos, Forex programs, and even some YMYL programs. None of these are OK.

From a marketing viewpoint, it’s also wrong to assume that someone clicks on your Author link, lands on some kind of entirely irrelevant URL, and takes some action

Making a good landing page for your Author Link is critical. You have pre-sold people with an incredible AI prompt, and now you can sell on top of that. If you suddenly show them a completely unrelated page, what do you expect them to do except bounce off?

If you use this field only for traffic generation useless to the user, we’ll either revoke your privilege to use the URL or even ban you from using AIPRM in case of very aggressive/spammy actions.

2/ Some traffic from Links in the Prompt Output

Some users have started to add “Advertising Links” to the output of a Prompt.

Be aware that users don’t like that at all.
Yes, it can provide you some extra clicks, but more likely, it will make them report your Prompt Template or at least vote it down.

Users hate these types of links.

AIPRM, currently March 2023, allows these ad links in the Community Prompts but may change this policy without notice and also take action against especially spammy templates.

AIPRM Verified Prompts will not have such links in the prompt output.

That’s it.

You can hopefully convert tons of traffic from successful prompts into exposure, values, and sales for yourself.

NO Pay-Per-Click Advertising or Earnings Model

AIPRM has no plans to implement a “pay per click earning model” for its users like ad networks (Google Adsense, Google Youtube ads).


This author is very happy about his traffic