[SOLVED IN] AIPRM UI broken by ChatGPT Update September 16, 2023

Please follow the steps in the tutorial shared above:


Having the Same issue with me.

Hi everyone. Just opened ChatGPT on Chrome and noticed that AIPRM Extension wasn’t working. Actual Hotfix - v1.1.9.16 - manual install through “Dev mode” works instantly, just follow instructions and don’t skip any part of them. A tutorial is linked in @aiprm-mikek 's comment. Make sure you don’t have any old version neither enabled nor installed on Chrome Extensions, then enable Dev mode, download the .zip provided by @aiprm-mikek at the begining of this discussion, unzip it and in Chrome Extensions window click “Load unpacked” and select the folder named “AIPRM-for-ChatGPT-”.

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do you have any video tutorial for this.

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Removed AIPRM, deleted cookies/history, ran a virus, defragged, restated my computer…
Downloaded AIPRM, and I’m still getting the same message as I’ve been getting for over a week.
“Could not load messages”
Please help
Oh, and I’m using brave/chrome

Please help me for this one.

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solved at last… thanks

I have removed and installed the chrome plugin for AIPRM, but still now access to the AIPRM Prompts? After logging in the next day without any changes (install of new plugins), the prompt shortcuts was gone on my dashboard?

Someone else experience this?

Here is the workaround

Ok, thanks for explanation of the current issue. I will check the developer install. But the issue will be solved automatically in the normal version, ref: This fix will likely be updated again in the morning after further review by our team., right`

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you save the day, thanks!

AIPRM not working with my chatgpt is there are any issue ? and when will it be fixed?

We are still waiting for Google and Microsoft to review the fix in version v1.1.9.16. A temporary workaround is possible by manually installing the new version, v1.1.9.16:

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Thank you it works for me

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Yes, that worked :+1:

The instructions worked for me. I am using the Brave browser.

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I noticed once you remove the latest downloaded file the Chat GPT will go default view. is it due to haven’t approve by google yet?

Read above.

Thank you for your good support :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :pray:

its still not working…y???

Read this thread.

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