The Greatly Simplified Explanation of Conflicts

One thing that crops up again and again is users who experience conflicts with multiple extensions or plugins that attempt to modify the same code at the same time.

Put that way, most of you just already guessed why this is a problem. If two different extension, plugins, or apps, whatever, both try to modify the same variable, or piece of code, or area of memory, or port, or anything else, at the same time, they conflict.

Programs that work together, on the same tasks, have to be programmed specifically that way, with very carefully managed protocols for who goes first and who second, or to leave room for each other. Just like two people trained to work in a very tight space only meant for one. That requires a huge investment in knowledge and code sharing, in extra time of development, and so forth. It is extremely rare. Usually, in any system, no two plugins or extensions can be working on the same thing, and if you install two, they absolutely will conflict and make the whole thing unstable, or crash.

If you are having ANY problems with AIPRM, the absolute first step is to make sure you have no other plugins or browser extensions, or other software that also affects, modifies, or even simply monitors, ChatGPT. If you do, then you have to make a choice over which you need more, and disable the other.

It is possible to have more than one install of a browser, and to have different plugins or extensions on each install, and to take turns with which browser (and therefore which extensions) you use for a given task. That’s something you can look up how to manage for yourself, as it isn’t a part of AIPRM, but rather an issue of the browser software, and those browsers have far bigger teams of customer support.

For those wanting the official and more detailed/technical discussion of Conflicts with other Extensions see: Extension Conflict with AIPRM - no support, test or endorse of other ChatGPT extensions in parallel to AIPRM


Instead of using multiple extensions to meet their feature needs, AIPRM users should try to request those features, to have only one extension in use that’s like All-In-One (if they wish to…).


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