Ugrading from Plus to Elite in order to use Summarize Live URL

As I would like to use “Summarize from Live URL”, I have switched to the Elite Plan and cancelled the Pro Plan (see screenshot). I had understood correctly that this function is already possible now - correct?

I then disconnected and reconnected my account - unfortunately, it only ever links the old Pro Plan and not the new Elite Plan.

What am I doing wrong?


Hey Sven, welcome and glad you liked our feature preview.

We are working hard on this feature to get it live.

After AIPRM is done, Google still needs to review and publish, but we have a great track record and good support from them.

Just a few more days…


Hoi Sven, we have the same thought. I also switched from Plus to Elite and am still looking in vain for live crawling. :slight_smile: I wish you a sunny and exciting weekend. Manuela


You can access the Live Crawling feature by using one of the available prompts with Live Crawling or creating your own prompt template with [CRAWLEDTEXT] or [CRAWLEDSOURCE] placeholders.

Please refer to the following forum posts for detailed instructions and examples: