Welcome to AIPRM - Please Introduce Yourself Here 🤗

I’m Chuck, an American but world traveler. I speak English but have a bit of Spanish and Russian.
I’m a Direct Response Copywriter and a published author.
I am into Internet Marketing but so far just spend money and not earn money. Hope to change that soon.


Dear AIPRM Community,

I am Superna heer, from India. And I speak 5 languages - English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi and Punjabi. I am currently learning Sanskrit with an intention of future-teaching this language to Sanksrit enthusiasts for free.

By profession I am a global B2b Marketing Manager. Expert in content development and marketing. I love AIPRM and the fact that it gives me opportunity to create Prompts excites me like a new born baby. I would love to contribute as many useful prompts possible.


Hello, I want a tool to choose a title for my doctoral dissertation. I have a lot of titles, and I want one specific topic by merging the topics together, and I want a tool to complete my doctoral dissertation. My doctoral dissertation is a common topic between dentistry and obstetrics and gynecology, Thank you

Just a regular dude. have app dev schooling. did learn much tho. mostly freelance and hobby writer. kinda love working with the AI content and built a pretty poor version of my own. I call him Artificial Idiot. He is simple but i love him. Heard through the grapevine this was a place to find some pretty fun and even powerful prompts. i prefer working through and developing my own as i go but i wanted to see what other people were coming up with and also… my family will put me out in the rain if i say chatgpt one more time. U.S, English


Dear friends,
My name is Roberto Bernal from Panama, Central America.
I speak Spanish and also English.

My background is as a trainer and professional coach.
Since the last five years, I have been learning how to do all my digital marketing. So now, I am here! Learning about how to use AIPRM to get better with prompts.

I would like to share with the community in developing prompts for Digital Writing in Spanish.

Let’s do it!



Hello - My name is Nichole and I am a serial entrepreneur. I help small business owners grow their revenue through Business, SEO, Branding, and Marketing Strategies. I am very glad to be here!

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How are you all my dear friends and community members?

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Good morning everyone, my name is Bob Patel with CENTURY 21 Jordan Link, we are a small Real Estate Brokerage in Central California, l want to learn more about AIPRM and its prompts to help me rank our brokerage website to number 1, any advice will be helpful.

Thank you and everyone have a blessed day


I am an Entrepreneur and Digital marketer. By education I am IT Engineer. I get to know about AIPRM from YouTube while making a keyword research. I didn’t use this tool yet but it will make a significance role in making my content better.

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My name is SHOAIB RAZA and I am a starter blogger. I am in my bigger level of learning.

I am Hardik Patel, Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience in development.
I am from Ahmedabad, India. I know English, Hindi and Gujarati.

I have completed my B.E (Computer Science) in 2013
I am here to create and use prompt using AIPRM.
I am happy to share my knowledge and also learn from the community.

Thank you.