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I’m the old hand who annoys new-woke people with the statement that the gods put sweat before success. ChatGPT helps you to have good ideas and also to formulate them. It doesn’t replace personal development, but it can take you further, and at some point you’ll notice it yourself. That’s your own, small and personal success. The smile on your lips.

I do imaging, printing, writing and so on. Second Life veteran, too. I’m not here for self-marketing though. In RL, Stuttgart, Germany.

Favorite musician, Joni Mitchell, Both sides now :smile: wow, that fits here


I’m a digital marketer and personal brand strategy coach. I’ve recently (couple of months) starting using ChatGPT and AIPRM and I joined this community to learn more about how to use the platform. I am based in the US.


I’m Pedro, from Brazil, 20y, doing 2 colleges Sametime (bachelor in law and IT). Actually I’m fluent in 3 languages (english as you see, spanish qnd portuguese) but i know a little bit abt japanese. That’s it.


Hello, I am Georg, an Austrian who has moved to Hannover, Germany. Here I run a small internet agency with my wife, managing our own web projects and customer web projects. I am very fascinated by the new possibilities of AI and wonder why many of the so-called prompt engineers don’t ask Chat GPT to improve their bad prompts. This would help AIRPM a lot.

My first major programming project with ChatGPT is a Windows Powershell program that can translate Windows directories on disk from one language to another (e.g. from German to English) - with the help of DeepL. It is my very first Windows Powershell program and I think it is very successful. https://github.com/franz-agency/powershell (I am actually a PHP programmer).

In the meantime I have done some other things with ChatGPT.

I am curious to see where the AI journey will go. In any case, I am convinced that no stone will be left unturned.


I am an award-winning copywriter with over 20 years of experience, with a degree in Advertising and Marketing. I specialize in food and health.

I am using AIPRM already in daily work to write very serious, science-based and informative articles, ads, etc, with very good results.

I can contribute to create very complex prompts and in Spanish language especially since I have a vast experience in text analysis and content structure, from the semantic point of view.


Hello everyone, i’m Eudes Sto from Benin country in west Africa. If you diddn’t know Benin country, juste note it’s the neighbor country of big NIGERIA :smiley:
I’m logistics and business trainer, self enterpreneur. I have Master Degree diploma in logistics and supply chain. I come here by curiosity and passion of AI. So i would like to learn more about technical use of AI and derivative. I’m sure to learn more with AIPRM forum.
Today i use AIPRM for all surch in ChatGPT and plan to use it in future in my work. I’m ready to give my knowledge in logistics fiels and enterpreneurship to help everyone in this community to be better i can do it.



Martin Dorgan martiniqu
retired background BSc Government (Political Science) Masters Social Sc. Postgrad Digital Arts and Humanities. Inquisitive about new tech and would like to learn more, but don’t really know much about AIPRM but hope to contribute positively and learn some skills that would enhance my knowledge


Hey all, I’m Neal, a digital marketing enthusiast with a few years of industry experience. I joined the community to learn and soak up as much knowledge as I can from you experienced bosses and also share some value from my experiences.

I have tried to build an online business for many years, I’ve not done so well tbh but I’m still here :muscle: Lack of time to create content was my excuse. But since the release of ChatGPT and AIPRM (which I use pretty much every day for something or another), a lack of content is no longer an excuse.

I’m in the process of building a review-type blog and would appreciate any recommendations on who I should be following/watching for tips and how-tos around blogging. I’m determined to make this work. No excuses.


Hola! Soy Profesor de Edición de Video.
Mi llegada a este Fantástico AIRPM es para encontrar, divulgar y aprender sobre esta IA.
Me gustaria usar muy seguido AIRPM.
Escribiendo mis experiencias, ayudaria a contribuir.
Aclaro soy un Muchacho de 60 años…que es MUY CURIOSO. Abrazo Virtual y agradecerles la Bienvenida a esta Comunidad.

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Hi, I’m Sheri, a registered nurse and online course creation strategist. I came to AIPRM for its potential to speed up course content creation. I’ve already shared my prompt, the all-in-one course builder, which has received over 1000 views and 25 thumbs up. I plan to use this forum to connect with others, share my knowledge and love of course creation and the impact they have, and learn from fellow members. In the future, I plan to create more customized prompts and utilize proven prompts to streamline my learners’ course creation process. Thanks for reading! here is my prompt if you want to check it out I would love some feedback - https://app.aiprm.com/prompts/1795101764626944000/all-in-one-online-course-builder/try


Wishing you the best today!
I’m a longtime tech nerd and a lifetime learner that enjoys helping others along their way through the maze.
My mission is to help more people help more people by assisting them through podcasting, livestreaming, and content creation. I believe we all have a gift and we all have a voice if we choose to share it.

I started as a musician and began my tech journey decades ago. I’m a caregiver for my mom and enjoy the sunshine in Arizona.

I promote the idea that #kindnessiscool and #smilesarefree and have been considered a pirate in the community.

I look forward to learning and contributing to the community and adding value whenever I’m able.

Wishing you the best in all your adventures,


Hello everyone :slightly_smiling_face:, I’m Ariana, an instructional designer, content writer, and proofreader with a +20-year background in Communication.

Although I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as an “AI geek”, I’m quite enthusiastic about discovering new tools and resources that can boost my productivity.

I’m not sure yet how I can help, but if I ever figure it out, I’ll gladly lend a hand.


I am a digital marketer with having 16 years experience. I regularly use AIPRM to produce quality and informative content for our business. It’s really interesting to create prompts. I also created few prompts based on SEO/Content domain. Still I am interesting to learn how create a prompt in a proper way. AIPRM provides huge resources and one of the best platform ever to use AI.


Hi, I’m Braglio from Paraguay. I am a communicator, coach and person with a physical disability. Chat GTP is not for human beings looking for copy paste, rather it is one more way for human development.


Hello everybody thanks to allow me as a community member. I am an elementary teacher and want to develop courses and activities for my student.


Welcome! Im a course creator as well I’ll be happy to share my prompt with you to check out. ALL-IN-ONE Course Builder! feel free to copy my outline and add to it is you want.

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I bow. I am new to the Internet and I do not understand anything, but very interesting.

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Hello guys, im from indonesia… video editor for tv commercial, motion graphic & 3d modeling